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3D Printing Low Volume Production


3D Printing for Low Volume Production

3D Printing Low Volume Prodd

Thinking of a fast and cost-effective manufacturing solution? Discover it with 3D2Go as we do 3D printing for low volume production.


What Is 3D Printing For Low Volume Production?

It is creating 3D printed objects that are commonly within the quantity of less than 1,000 outputs per month.

Benefits of 3D Printing Low Volume Production

3D printing low volume production can help increase a production rate up to 20 times and still cost less compared to the traditional way of doing it. It also helps the people in developing a product to work beyond their imagination and the limitations that come with traditional methods.


What 3D Printed Products Can You Produce in Low Volume?

Good news! 3D2Go can produce almost any products that you want to be 3D printed in low volume. If you are wondering if we accept even a piece of an object to print, don’t hesitate to talk to us as we prefer low volume production. Simply send us your ideas and we will transform your imagination into reality. Here are just some of the things we can do in low volume production:

How Much Does Low Volume 3D Printing Cost?

Here are the factors that may affect the price of low volume 3D printed objects:

  • Type of service required - This is for the initial part of the process. If you already have a 3D file, present it to us and pay only for the cost of printing, sanding, and painting. If you need an end-to-end 3D services, we can help you from modeling/scanning, prototyping to printing.
  • Complexity of Details - Expect higher rates for objects that have more complex details. In addition, the size of the object also matters.
  • Quantity - This may also affect the price. If you are lucky enough, you may get a little discount depending on the quantity you require.

You can talk to one of our sales representatives to get a quote.


3D2Go 3D Printing For Low Volume Production

It is no doubt that 3D printing service is way ahead of conventional methods when it comes to manufacturing the first several products.

In 3D2Go, we offer end-to-end 3D printing services. We will provide you with the first-rate services with top-quality output for your 3D printing low volume production. Contact us today.