9-year old kid receives her first 3D printed hand prosthetics

Here we look at one of the many wonderful uses of 3D printing technology. Let us raise awareness on how we can help the less fortunate. There are many kids like Melanie who would benefit from 3D printing. Please like and share!

3D2GO in 2019!

3D2GO lets you customize your car accessories and other parts through 3D printing.

3D2GO in 2019!

Here's what to look forward to with 3D2GO Philippines this new year! A lot of BIG THINGS will surely come your way as we further improve our 3D printing services and process. We are hyped and excited to serve you guys with the very best this 2019.

Replacement Parts thru 3D Scanning & 3D Printing by 3D2GO

What to do? When a part of your gadget or machine gets broken and replacement parts are unavailable in your area. Or worse - they have gone obsolete! With 3D scanning & 3D printing technology, you don't need to sweat! 3D2GO offers parts replication thru 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and 3D printing. WATCH the video to learn more about our professional service.

3D2GO's12 Days of Christmas

Here's our own fun version of the Christmas song 12 Days of Christmas. Come on, sing with us! Merry Merry Christmas from your 3D2GO Family!


t takes precision, days of hard labor, and crafstmanship to produce quality mini-me bobbleheads. 3D2GO's smooth end-to-end 3D printing process guarantees high-quality output for bobblehead 3D models. WATCH: 3D2GO's bobblehead production process from start to finish!

Unique 3D Printed Corporate Giveaways by 3D2GO

Unique corporate gifts and giveaways from 3D2GO are simply great for any occasion - awards ceremonies, the Holidays, company anniversary and more! Show your appreciation by giving unique and useful gifts to your employees, partners, and clients. For inquiries, e-mail us at contact@my3d.com.ph. To learn more about our service visit our website www.3d2go.com.ph

3D Printing Service for Architecture & Design Students

Hey! Architecture and design students, need a hand on your school projects? 3D2GO is here to assist you with all your requirements and help you become professionals in the future with our premium 3D printing service! For more info and inquiries, email us at contact@my3d.com.ph or visit our website www.3d2go.com.ph

Architecture & Design 3D Printing Service by 3D2GO PH

We offer professional 3D printing service to Architecture and Design firms. We produce quality mock up scale models/miniatures, interior design, floor plan and a lot more.

WATCH: Higlighst from the Y4iT Congress 2018!

Scenes from the biggest IT convention for students - The 2018 Y4iT Congress! This year, the annual gathering of IT experts, companies, and students from across the country took place at the University of the Philippines Diliman Quezon City campus last September 24-26.

3D Printed Prosthetics VS Traditional Prosthetics

See how PWDs and amputees can benefit from 3D printed prosthetics compared to the regular prosthetics. 3D2GO enumerates its advantages & how it will change lives for the better.

3D2GO Introduces 3D Printed Prosthetics in the Philippines

3D2GO goes beyond creating innovations for manufacturing, industrial, and other industries. For the last 3 years, the company aims to spread awareness of the significance of considering additive manufacturing as a cheaper and more improved alternative to prosthesis production. Check out 3D2GO's previous and latest 3D printed prosthetic projects over the years.

3D2GO Philippines at the Systems Integration Expo 2018

HIGHLIGHTS from the 2018 Systems Integration Expo 2018 held at SMX Convention Center MOA.

TOP 5 Most Amazing 3D printed Prosthetics

We made a list of the coolest 3D printed prosthetics ever made from across the globe. Watch the video and learn who made it to our top 5!

Featured Products of the Month!

Check out a few of our best finished products for the month - lithopane lamps, wedding caketoppers and more!

Introducing BOBBL3D PH - Powered by 3D2GO

From the pioneering 3D printing company in the country, 3D2GO 3D Printing Services Philippines, comes the new home for customized 3D printed mini-me bobbleheads. Introducing, BOBBL3D PH! The country's premier custom bobblehead maker.

3D Printed Life-Size Bust!

When it comes to 3D printing models, we THINK BIG! 3D2GO manufactures life-size busts, sculptures, and statues that provide a faster and more affordable option when it comes to production cost and turnaround time.

Aftercare Tips for your 3D Printed Models

Always keep your 3D printed models fresh and durable with these simple yet helpful tips!

3D2GO's 4th Anniversary!

The country's One-Stop 3D printing shop turns 4! 4 years of excellent 3D printing services in the Philippines, and counting! Thank you for trusting our company and for the continuous support! We promise to further improve our process and services in the next years to come.

3D2GO - 3D Printing in the Philippines since 2014

3D2GO is celebrating its 4th anniversary this month of May. Since 2014, the company has provided excellent 3D printing services to the Philippine-market across all industries. The company is determined to improve its services and continue to offer second-to-none 3D printing, 3D modeling & design, 3D scanning services to our Filipino clients. Continue to support 3D printing technology and its limitless possibilities. Thank you for all the support!

HIGHLIGHTS | 3D Printing Seminar: The Integration of the Engineering Fields in the Industry

Engr. Fred Chua, president of My3D Concepts and 3D2GO Philippines, was the guest speaker at 3D Printing Seminar: The Integration of the Engineering Fields in the Industry. The event was held in MAPUA University North Circle, Ground Floor of the North Building, last May 16, 2018.

3D Printed Prosthetics & Walking Aids for Pets!

Pets with disabilities can now enjoy the benefits of 3D printing technology. 3D printing applications now caters to our animal friends with 3D printed prosthetics, walking aids, and more. 3D2GO's door is always open for pets needing this type of aid by offering all pet owners with our professional 3D printing service.

3D Scanning Services by 3D2GO PH

3D2GO PH offers excellent 3D scanning service for multiple industries using several state-of-the-art 3D scanners and equipment to achieve the utmost end-results. Learn more about our 3D scanning service here: https://3d2go.com.ph/services/scan/

Rehab in Style with 3D Printed Orthopedic Cast

Orthopedic casts are finally getting a state-of-the-art twist that will make rehabilitation a comfortable and stylish experience!Introducing…3D printed orthopedic casts!