Easy 3 Step Process

send idea

Step 1

Send Us Your Idea

Let’s take a look at your concept. Send us files in .obj or .stil format of the scanned object you want us to work on. But no worries if you don’t have one. We can do that for you.

3D2Go digitally captures an object’s physical dimensions so it can be converted into a precise 3D representation. Using advanced scanners, we determine the shape and accurately measure the size right to the finest detail. We have the capacity to scan objects as small as a coin and as massive as a vehicle.

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Step 2

3D2Go Will Contact You

Our team will get in touch right away to discuss product specifics. Let us know the size, shape and dimensions you want and we will collaborate on how to make your concept a 3D reality.

Make sure you have included the details in your email for a much more efficient process.


Step 3

Payment & Pickup

Once project details are finalized, a job order will be made. Payment can be done in a number of ways:

Thru Bank Deposit , Thru Paypal , Mall Store Payment

As soon as payment is confirmed work the project will immediately start. Each client will be given a reference number and you can call us for an update from time to time. Delivery time is based on a project scale basis and pickup of the product can be at the 3D2GO store location of choice.