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About 3D2Go

Entrust any three-dimensional (3D) printing project to the experts at 3D2Go Philippines. We are a full-service scanning, refining, and prototyping company with a streamlined process that guarantees a top-quality end-product.

3D Printing Services in the Philippines

Before 3D2Go, anyone who needs 3D scanning, modeling, or printing work would spend days just looking for the right service provider. Besides a few home businesses and enthusiasts, there was no way for Filipinos to get a 3D representation of their ideas—until 3D2Go came along.

We have created a franchise model of a 3D printing house with a web presence to match. Now, there is a company that provides Filipinos with anything 3D. Since our inception in 2013, we have been adding printers, 3D artists, and IT support staff to ensure the highest level of 3D services in the Philippines. We proudly say that our client catalog is bigger than that of similar companies abroad.

  • 2013My3D Concepts was established

    My3D Concepts was established in September 2013, the year 3D printing technology was creating a big noise internationally, particularly in the UK and the US. Its founder attended the 2013 3D printing expo in New York City and studied the potentials of additive manufacturing and its possible applications.
  • 2013My3D Concepts launched

    When he came back to the Philippines, he built a studio and gathered a team of 3D artists and researchers, along with a few standard 3D equipment. It took months of thorough research, actual applications, dry runs on 3D scanning, printing, and modeling before My3D Concepts launched 3D2Go Philippines.




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