3D2Go is the ONLY one-stop shop for everything
3D printing in the Philippines.


3D2Go is the only one-stop shop for everything 3D printing in the Philippines. We offer end-to-end full-service scanning, prototyping and printing that guarantees a top quality end product.

We provide 3D printing solutions to small, medium, and large scale businesses across various industries.


3D2Go’s services are for everyone; students, professionals and even hobbyists and entrepreneurs. We cater small to large scale businesses using high quality materials.

Our clients love the advantage of our unique ability to accept customized requirements.


3D2Go aspires to be the premier end-to-end 3D service provider democratizing the industry.


3D2Go aims to provide top-quality 3D scanning, designing, prototyping, and printing services to businesses and consumers/end-users.

We serve top-notch customer experience that helps us gain people’s trust and make them come back for more.


  • Integrity - We conduct our business in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards that make us gain people’s trust.
  • Quality - We use first-rate materials to meet the expectations of our customers.
  • Commitment - We are dedicated in bringing 3D printing solutions to our customers to transform imaginations into reality.
  • Customer Value Creation - We have the passion to serve that makes us perform our utmost effort every day to provide a high level of customer experience.

About 3D2Go

Make your ideas meet possibilities! Trust 3D2Go, the experts in 3D printing services. We are a full-service three-dimensional (3D) scanning, prototyping, and printing company with a streamlined process that provides top-notch end products.

3D Printing Services in the Philippines

Don’t spend days looking for the right service provider. Get a 3D representation of your ideas with 3D2Go’s end-to-end 3D printing services.

Since our inception in 2013, we have been doing our best to improve and innovate. From acquiring innovative 3D printer and scanning machines to hiring seasoned 3D artists, IT support staff, and other professionals to ensure a high level of 3D services in the Philippines.

We proudly say that our client catalog is bigger than that of similar companies abroad.

  • 2013My3D Concepts was established

    My3D concept was established in September of 2013. It was the year when 3D printing technology was starting to prosper in the UK and US. 3D2Go’s founder attended the 2013 3D Printing Expo in New York City, where he studied the potentials of additive manufacturing and its possible applications.
  • 2013My3D Concepts launched

    In that same year, he built a studio. He acquired a few standard 3D equipment and gathered a team of seasoned 3D artists and researchers. It took months of thorough research, actual applications, and dry runs on 3D scanning, prototyping, and printing before My3D Concepts launched 3D2Go Philippines.




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