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3D Wall Designing Services in the Philippines

Have you ever felt like you want to make your home or office space more vibrant? Like covering up the walls with interesting backdrops? Stop staring at your plain wall and start giving life to it through one of the most creative ways available— 3D wall designing! Explore more of your creative side, develop your own design idea, and we will help you create it.

3D Printed Wall Design for Businesses

Some customers love being in a place that can give them a different vibe. 3D wall art can help your business prosper as appealing and dynamic designs may attract potential customers. You can also make people feel and understand your business more through this.

3D Printed Wall Design for End-Users/Consumers

We all have our own artistic side. We have the sense to appreciate art in any form. Even in your own home, you can apply art. We can make it feel more like us through expressing our personality in its design— and 3D wall designing is one of the most creative options.

What is a 3D Wall Design?

It is a three-dimensional design on a wall made from various materials such as plastic to create a desired style. It helps make your wall more interesting to look at.

Can You 3D Print a Wall Design?

Yes, we definitely can! Share us your ideas and we will be more than glad to help you construct the wall art you’ll surely love.

How Much Do 3D Printed Wall Designs Cost?

Here are some of the factors that may affect the cost of a 3D printed wall design:

Service required - Already got a 3D file? If yes, you will pay for the cost of printing, sanding, and painting only. We also offer end-to-end 3D services from modeling/scanning, prototyping to printing. Size - This plays a huge part in the price. Expect a higher cost for bigger ones as it requires more quantity of materials than the ones that are smaller. Details - Considering the complexity of details is also important. The less complex it is, the cheaper it will be.

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3D2Go 3D Wall Designing Services

Start making your place more vibrant with creative 3D wall design in surface that needs covering. 3D2Go is here to help you transform your design ideas into a printed output.

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