3D Printed Corporate Giveaways for Christmas

For business owners, Christmas is the time to send love to those who have supported them all throughout. But investing in corporate giveaways for Christmas is more than just giving thanks. It comes with a whole lot of benefits.

With the large selection of holiday gifts available in the market, you can always choose the typical gift baskets. But isn’t it more fun if you put multiple purposes on it? More than just sending your gratitude, it can help strengthen your relationship with your customers, your business partners, and your people. It can also help promote and spread awareness for your brand as long as you know how to choose the best such as 3D printed corporate giveaways for Christmas.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3D Printed Corporate Giveaways for Christmas?

These are unique gifts given by companies or businesses with or without occasion created through 3D printing that aligns with their branding. Its goal is to promote the brand as well as to build loyalty by sending them these as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for continuous patronage.

Cool 3D Printed Corporate Christmas Giveaways

It would take more than just a greeting card to show your appreciation. You have to give people something that they would definitely notice and would create a significant impression for your business. Thanks to 3D printing technology, it gives us the power to create unique objects and have a wide-range of options for our Christmas giveaway. To give you ideas, here are some examples of the 3D printed corporate giveaways for Christmas you can make:

  • Brand Logo Pin
  • Logo Keychain
  • Creatively Designed Tumbler
  • Cute Ornaments
  • Original Designed Pen
  • Unique Pen Holder
  • One-of-a-kind Table Display
  • Artistic Name Plate for Table

All of these and more. When it comes to 3D printing, your imagination is the limit.

Why Customized Holiday Gifts are Better

During the holiday season, many businesses give gifts to their people, clients, partners and many more. With this, business people tend to receive a bunch of presents that sometimes they do not even notice. If you want to maximize your gift, you need to be noticeable enough to stand out. And to do this, getting products that are readily available in the market would be your last resort. It is always ideal to have customized gifts and 3D printing will make it even greater.

  • Your Imagination is the Limit - Why will you choose between what’s available when you can choose to create something great out of your imagination and creativity? You can achieve almost anything by simply sharing your ideas to the service provider about the form of giveaway you want.
  • Adhere to Your Branding - There is no need for you to adjust. With 3D printed corporate giveaways for Christmas, you can maximize the item by freely expressing your branding no matter how you want it.

How Much Do 3D Printed Corporate Giveaways Cost?

Most of the time, the cost that companies spend on Christmas gifts does not go to waste. So long as you think well about the best materials for the giveaway, it can serve as promotional products and can also be a way to always win the hearts of your customers.

Corporate giveaways come in different forms. With this, every project has a different price as well. To determine the cost of a project, there are some factors that need to be determined such as but not limited to:

  • Service Needed - 3D2Go offers various 3D services such as scanning, modeling, printing, and many more. Each of these services has a corresponding cost. We can also do an end-to-end 3D service, name it and we will help you get things done.
  • Dimension and Details - Every single detail of a project is important not only in creating the object, but also in knowing its cost. Determine the dimension and other details of the project and everything will naturally go from this information.
  • Design Revision - The maximum number of revisions provided in the service for free is three. Design alterations exceeding this will be subject to additional charge. Worry not as we guarantee that the client agreed to the final design first before printing it.

Talk to one of our account managers to get a quote.

3D2Go Customized Corporate Giveaways for Christmas

At 3D2Go, our job is to create a significant mark to your brand by providing value-for-money services in making remarkable customized 3D printed corporate giveaways for Christmas. We ensure to deliver quality outputs that speak for themselves. Let’s make your clients and your people love your brand even more. Ask for a quote today!