3D Printed Corporate Anniversary Giveaways

A company anniversary is indeed a special occasion for each and every one who helped build the business from the ground. It is a day to recognize achievements, loyalty, hard work, and all the good things surrounding the organization for another year of success. But what will make this celebration even more exciting is distributing 3D printed corporate anniversary giveaways to your dedicated people, business partners, and customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Corporate Anniversary Giveaways?

Have you ever been to a company’s anniversary celebration? There are these unique objects or what we refer most of the time as business anniversary party favors or freebies they give to the attendees such as a power bank. These are the corporate anniversary giveaways. They come in different forms, depending on what the company prefers, but it commonly goes along with the business’ branding.

Importance of Business Anniversary Giveaways

The main purpose of corporate anniversary giveaways is to give gratitude and appreciation to the people behind the success of your business, to give thanks to those who stayed loyal to you no matter what as you may not reach this milestone if not with the help of them. Giving corporate giveaways is important as these are one-of-a-kind people who deserve to get extraordinary gifts. They need to feel recognized and valued for their contribution to continue doing well with their craft.

But why is it necessary to think well about what to give them as corporate gifts? It is because these presents can also serve as advertising giveaways, which may leave a lasting impression to the receiver, especially if the recipient is your client. Exclusive promotional gifts such as well-thought 3D printed materials are ideal in emphasizing the celebration and ensuring a good business relationship.

How Much Do Corporate Anniversary Giveaways Cost?

The price of company anniversary giveaways vary on the details of the project. To get a quotation, there are factors that need to be considered as these may affect the cost of corporate party giveaways:

  • Service Needed - Some of our clients are in need of an end-to-end 3D service and some already have their ready to print 3D file. Some prefer 3D scanning for a faster lead time and some just go with pure 3D designing. Note that each service you need has a unique cost from the others. It will vary depending on a few aspects.
  • Dimension and Complexity of Details - One of the most important factors to consider is the information about the project. The sizes of the item required and every detail of it need to be determined to get more information that will depend on these data, such as the lead time and the amount of materials needed.
  • Design Revision - 3D2Go allows up to three design revisions for free per project. Succeeding revisions will be up for an additional charge. The good thing here is we ensure to get a go signal from the client before printing the item.

Feel free to talk to one of our account managers to get a quote.

3D2Go Corporate Anniversary Giveaways

A company anniversary is something that should be celebrated! If you are planning to look for special anniversary gift ideas, we have something great to offer you. Take the opportunity to honor your people and clients and to keep a strong business relationship with them with 3D2Go’s customized 3D printed corporate anniversary giveaways that they will always treasure. We provide high-quality 3D printed materials with value-for-money services. Ask for a quote today!