Creative 3D Logo Designing Services

Need a creative logo for your brand? Make your business stand out in the highly competitive market today with a nice impression. It’s time to establish a unique brand identity with 3D logo designing services.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D Logo Design?

It is a three-dimensional design of a logo commonly used by businesses to help subtly promote their brand. It makes consumers understand the business more and familiarize them with what you are offering.

Benefits of Using a Creative 3D Logo Design for your Business

Using a 3D logo design to represent your brand has a lot of advantages and some of these are:

  • Better Visual Impact to Consumers - If there is something that can best describe your business, it’s your logo. Make sure to have a logo design that says a lot about your brand as it will be it’s representation. A 3D design for your logo will help attract more people with its innovative look.
  • Eye-Catching and Engaging for Communication - One of the most efficient ways to communicate with potential consumers is through the use of a striking logo. If you want to deliver the key points of your brand in a concise and subtle way, maximize the use of your logo and have it designed in 3D for a greater impact.
  • Helps Boost the Brand’s Image - An appealing and quality logo can always deliver progress and growth to a business. It can help generate sales leads as the logo itself explains a lot about the brand.

Which is Best, 2D or 3D Logo Design?

There is nothing that can beat the significance and power of a logo in creating an impact to your brand. Now, if you are wondering what type of logo would be fit for your business, it is best to think about the medium where you’ll usually use it as it may affect the quality. Yes, 3D effects can bring a brand’s personality to life, but make sure that it matches your brand image.

Bottomline, if you want to be safe with the look, 2D design is good as you could never go wrong with it, but you might also want to consider the extra gain you could get with 3D design.

How much does 3D Logo Designing Services Cost?

To determine the price of a 3D logo design, there are some factors to consider:

  • Skills of the 3D Designer - The level of expertise of an artist plays a huge role in determining the cost of a 3D logo design project. At 3D2Go, we have professional 3D designers who will surely give you value-for-money output.
  • Revisions - There is a limit of up to three revisions only per project. You can still ask for additional changes, but it will be subject to additional charges as well, depending on the revisions.

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3D2Go 3D Logo Designing Services

Don’t settle for less. Choose the experts in 3D needs. 3D2Go offers superior 3D logo designing services with the help of our experienced 3D designers who create artistic, dynamic, and relevant 3D logo designs. We guarantee quality service to cater to your 3D needs and to provide our clients with a high level of satisfaction.

Let’s talk about your 3D logo design ideas today. Contact us or visit one of our stores in Mandaluyong and Quezon City.