Custom 3D Lamps in the Philippines

Let the light shine to brighten up the world with custom 3D lamps that are innovatively created to make a simple night light more interesting by putting some twist to it. A perfect gift to people dear to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Custom 3D Lamps?

It is a 3D printed lamp created based on the design you prefer. Also for ornaments, which businesses can use to sell as bespoke lamps or limited edition. It can be made in a wide variety of shapes and designs for bespoke lampshades, chandeliers, and many more as long as it is still possible to be 3D printed and become a light.

Some of the types of lamp that can be 3D printed are:

  • Table Lamps
  • Floor Lamps
  • Desk Lamps

How Much Does a Custom Designed 3D Lamp Cost?

To know how much it will cost you for a 3D printed lamp that is custom-made, here are some of the factors that may affect the rate:

  • Dimension - Of all the things in 3D printing, one the most important details to know first is the size of the item to be made. It will help determine the amount of materials needed and how long the project will take.
  • Details - Another necessary information to check is the details of the project. Price may be higher for items that have more complex details than those that are simple as it requires greater attention and effort.
  • Design Revisions - If you hire us to create a digital design of your idea from scratch, you should know that we have the limit of up to three revisions only for the digital file. Additional changes may cost you extra charges depending on the revision.
  • Type of Service Required - 3D2Go is a one-stop shop for everything 3D. We can help you get done with the project you require starting from designing to printing, but if you already have a 3D digital file, expect that it will cost you less.

3D2GO Custom 3D Lamp

Create unique pieces for your customized 3D lamp with the help of our professional people! Our top in its class 3D printing service guarantees to provide you with stylish and high quality night lamps fit for your personality and your place.

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