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Must-Have Promotional Summer Items for Every Traveler

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Talks of hitting the beach are being heard everywhere as summer approaches like a surging wave. Individuals have planned out trips with family and friends while companies have already calendared an outing with all the employees. Surely, everyone has been thinking about it since the day it was announced.

Whether you intend to bask under the sun or move up north where the climate is cooler, you will need some summer essentials. Companies looking to attract potential customers as well as more love from their employees may want to look at making and distributing promotional summer items.

Below are some unique and not so unique promotional items that will surely be a hit this summer. Remember that you can always have any of them customized for a personal touch. Don’t forget to contact us at 3D2Go to make sure you save time and money if you decide to do so.


3D printed eyeglasses frame

Source: eye-wear-glasses

Protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun by wearing comfortable shades. During the summer especially, the heat is at its most intense. As people apply sunblock as protection from skin illnesses, so should they wear sunnies as a shield from various eye diseases and conditions. Examples include cataract and macular degeneration. So apart from being excellent fashion accessories, they are also literally good for the health.


3D printed flip flop

Source: Simon FNTSMN (Youtube)

The sun can bring such intense heat that walking barefoot on the beach is impossible. This is why beach-goers make sure they have their flip-flops with them when they travel. The burning sensation can be too much for many people to handle so it’s best to put on some nice flip-flops to save the day.

Tank Tops

What else but to wear something that will allow you to stay a little bit cooler during the summer. During this time, tank tops are the best, whether you are a boy or a girl. It doesn’t even matter if you’re going outside or just staying around the house; tank tops are simply the most comfortable thing to wear.

Beach Towels

Beach towels are a little bigger than regular towels. They actually serve two purposes: Apart from being used to dry yourself off after a day of swimming, they are also used as a surface to lie on. You wouldn’t want the sand on your back on a hot summer afternoon, and beach towels are the answer.

Beach Balls

People are always up for a little game on the beach. Aside from beach games, beach balls are also great for water games. They are lightweight so they are easy to propel. People love tossing them around, so they provide a great activity any time of the day.


3D printed tent

Source: Pinterest

Camping is another hit during the summer especially here in the Philippines where people like to pitch a tent by the beach. This is especially true in surf spots where tourists often spend more than one day. Tents are indeed some of the most unexpected and unique promotional summer items.


If you need any 3D printed summer items, do not hesitate to contact us!