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December 4, 2013
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Create New Music with 3D Printed Musical Instruments

Additive manufacturing has penetrated several industries so far. Three-dimensional printing, more than a couple of decades ago, emerged silently – drawing just a few interested crowds. It was quite fine and didn’t much ring a bell since the technology was primarily developing, under tests and studies. Or maybe, people just weren’t hyped enough to learn the feasibilities of three-dimensional printing like the attention and buzz it is getting today. Yes, this is the new-age of manufacturing spearheaded by 3D printing technology. We can hear the wind of change coming, and it is music to the ears – just like the growing 3D printed music instruments.

From limb prosthetics, auto parts to miniatures and figurines, 3D printing has even penetrated the music instrument manufacturing.  But the question is, where does 3D printing technology squeeze in? Now try to picture this scene: A click of the ‘print’ command and you can produce your desired electric guitar body design instead of composing a particular manufacturing process to achieve your design requirements.

More appealingly, the designs you once created but tossed away thinking  you can never materialize such plan, is now possible. Now don’t say that it’s not a bodacious idea because most people and experts would agree. Thanks to the improvement of 3D printing technology, almost certainly we can now depend mostly from our vivid imagination and it will totally change the world of manufacturing without restrictions.

Production wise, 3D printing guarantees a lesser demand for energy, fast production, and lastly – lesser waste materials. Strumming those strings and blowing those tubes will never be the same again, without sacrificing sound quality, durability, and style. These “threedified” music instruments will be rockin’ on a different tune, but same cool music that we all love.