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5 Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Can 3D Print

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3D printing applications have come a long way since the technology initially debuted in the early 1980s.

Like most technologies, today’s 3D printers have become smaller, cheaper, and more advanced over the past couple of decades. As 3D printers have evolved, so have the ways in which we use them.

Here are five unique 3D printed models that you probably didn’t know are available today.

1: Star Wars Light Saber Vape Mod



This Star Wars Light Saber Vape Mod is designed by ecafruoy, creator of several unique 3D printed models in Thingiverse. Using popular 3D printing applications, this one of a kind model looks like the hilt of a lightsaber and is guaranteed to jump onto the wish-lists of Star Wars-loving vapers at first sight. You can download the specs for the Star Wars Light Saber Vape Mod on this link.


2. 3D Printed Prosthetics for Animals

Prosthetics for Animals


The Sonic Project may sound like something having to do with, say, the speed of sound, but in fact it’s all about a kitten. Sonic is a four-month-old black kitten who was born with a deformity in his front leg that makes it difficult for him to walk. He’s actually missing a bone; instead of two bones in his foreleg, he only has one, so it can’t bear his weight like it should. Luckily for him, he was taken in by the Denver Animal Shelter, whose staff has been working with students from the Art Institute of Colorado to help him walk normally.

According to Dr. Louisa Poon at the Denver Animal Shelter, a cat with a deformity like Sonic’s would normally have a few options, but none of them would be very promising. Amputation would be the most likely route, and while cats can adapt quite well to a missing limb, it’s a major liability for a shelter cat. Animals with disabilities or deformities are much less likely to be adopted, and that, sadly, often leads to euthanasia. 3D printing applications in prosthetics can literally be lifesavers in these cases. You can watch the entire news on Sonic the cat on this link: https://youtu.be/Fq9nbJJyq6E


3. 3D Printed Edible Meat and Leather

3D Printed Edible Meat



The concept of 3D printed meat may conjure up unappealing images of mass-produced processed food, but Modern Meadow is flaunting its tech as a more environmentally friendly alternative for the meat industry. The company says its method of creating meat and leather require no animal slaughter and fewer inputs of resources such as land, water, energy, and chemicals. Read about them at their site.


4. 3D printed Pizza


3D printed Pizza

Mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor was granted $125,000 from NASA to create a printer that could produce pizza. The goal was to create a more efficient way to provide food for astronauts on long space missions. Contractor said the printer works by laying down the dough, cheese, and protein in separate layers. You can watch the whole story by checking out this link


5. Yourself




3D2GO, one of the newest and hottest 3D printing service providers in the Philippines, allows customers to create figurines of themselves for an affordable price. In addition to a 3D printer, they use 3D scanning technology that combines digital photography with an infrared sensor to ensure your 3.5-inch action figure really looks like you.

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