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How 3D Prosthetic Enhance the Life of Injured Dogs and Other Animals

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February 6, 2018
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In many ways, animals such as dogs are like humans. Whoever said that they don’t have emotions must have not held a dog in their arms nor have they had a cat depended on them for food and shelter.

Just the same, dogs can get into accidents and get physically hurt. In fact, many are prone to mishaps given their playful nature as well as the environment. A dog, for example, can get so rowdy that sometimes it hurts itself while running or fooling around. Vehicular accidents or dog fights also cause injuries and even death. Worse, it can fall prey to human atrocities.

The great thing is that just like humans, animals can benefit from 3D technology. If 3D prosthetics work for us, then there is no reason they wouldn’t work for them. In fact, there have been many cases when prosthetic for dogs was created following an accident. Here, we tell stories of animals that have benefitted from having prosthetic made through 3D printing.

Derby the Dog

One of the most popular cases of 3D prosthetics on dogs is that of Derby, who was born with deformed front legs. Despite his disability, this cheerful Siberian Husky enjoys life with or without 3D prosthetics, but it sure did give a new color to his world. Thanks to 3D printing technology, he now runs freely wherever he wants.

Source: 3D Systems

Duke the Dog

Duke, a retriever saved by the Irish Retriever Rescue (IRR), grew up with deformed legs. Because of an underdeveloped leg with an enlarged paw, walking was impossible for him. It is incredible how fast he was able to adapt to his 3D prosthetic despite spending all of his life on only three legs.

Source – CBM

Cyrano the Cat

Cyrano is, first and foremost, a cancer survivor. The brave feline luckily has veterinary surgeons as owners so the path to recovery was easier than normal. Because of the Big C, his left hind leg was close to getting amputated. Thankfully, his owners know exactly what to do. Now, Cyrano can again land on four feet whenever he falls off somewhere.

Buttercup the Duck

Buttercup was lucky to be cared for by a kindhearted man named Mike Garey. Buttercup was born in a high school biology room with his left leg twisted. He is even luckier now because his owner has decided that he wants to see him swim and walk properly again and have been given another chance at life with a 3D-printed leg.

Source: CBS

Pete the Parrot

Moving was tough for Pete the Parrot after a fox grabbed him by the leg as he was climbing up an area in the aviary. The immediate solution was for the doctors to clean the damaged tissue before closing the wound. Then a miracle in the form of 3D prosthetic happened. Because of 3D technology, Pete has regained his confidence and can now get as mobile as he wants.

Source: 3ders

Derby, Duke, Cyrano, Peg, and Pete are only some of the lucky recipients of the 3D printing technology. We know that lots of animals out there were given another chance at life, thanks to this cutting-edge technology.

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