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There are many things that need consideration when getting a prosthetic limb. It is not like a walk in the park and buying a fresh juice or grocery shopping. Prosthetic limbs should fit well with the person using it. It should function as a real limb. It should work well with the lifestyle of the person to have it.

Factors To Consider When Getting Prosthetic Limbs

There are way too many things people need to think of when buying prosthetic limbs. Here are the most common ones:


When the amputee wears their prosthetics, it is important to know that they are comfortable with it. They are going to wear it for more than five to ten hours depending on their work or the general lifestyle. Also, it should not hurt them and affect their other body parts. Swelling of the residual limb should not happen. If it occurs, immediate replacement or adjustment is needed.


Related to comfort is the person’s lifestyle. It is important that the prosthetic limb fits the amputee’s lifestyle well enough for them to use it from day to day. Whether the amputee has an active lifestyle or is just a simple person who’s working in an office, the strength and flexibility of the prosthetic should follow. Especially if the amputee is an athlete like a runner or swimmer, a customized prosthetics would fit them best.


Now, this one is related to the first two. The environment is indeed very important too because it can greatly affect the prosthetic itself. Of the amputee lives in a dry country like the Philippines, it can get a little sweaty. Also, their skin could be dry and friction can happen and it could cause an irritation and discomfort for the user. If the person lives in a sandy area, or near a beach, that also requires a different type of prosthetics. Different weather and elements require more attention.


Affordability – in a country like the Philippines, costs for simple products and necessities are getting higher and higher. For the less fortunate ones, it might be really hard to afford a prosthetic. However, with the technology we have today, it is much more possible. Searching for the perfect company to make the prosthetics with a much lower price is indeed important.


In addition to the top four factors, prosthetic limbs may not be available in an instant. The Philippines is composed of different islands and for far-flung places, it might be harder for people there to reach a hospital or any other available government agency to help them with it.

Normally, cities and more urbanized towns can get easy access, but not the less expensive and good ones. Moreover, it can get pretty basic if the person is going for the traditional ones.

Customized 3D Printed Limbs

For a customized and faster prosthetic making, you should try 3D printing. 3D printed prosthetic limbs are far much better and faster to make. Furthermore, the adjustments are easier to make as it will just be edited through a computer.

If you want to avail one, simply contact us!