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Prosthesis For Child Amputee Resulting In A Better Life

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Every child deserves the best in this world. They deserve to learn, play and function normally in the society. However, not every child is given that opportunity.  There are those who cannot do things physically as they either have a congenital disease or met an accident early in their life. This is why prosthesis for child amputee exists.

In our country, about 1.57 percent of the population or roughly 1.4 million individuals have a disability as stated from the “2010 Census of Population and Housing” of Philippines Statistics Authority. Whether that disability is mental or physical, there is definitely a child amputee in it. In fact, in that 1.57 percent, 272,000 are kids ages zero to 14 years old. In that number 272,000 are males and 149,000 are females.

Now, not everyone in the statistic of PWD is a child amputee, some may have mental health, some may have vision or hearing impairment. There is no exact statistics on children with amputees. However, there is a number; they do exist in our country.

Hardships of Child Amputees

Those same children are having a hard time doing daily activities. Everyday activities like feeding, dressing, and washing oneself, and their mobility. Moreover, according to the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), “PWDs have also been found to have lower school enrollment rates. The increased risk of illness and subsequent need for frequent medical follow up and hospitalizations result in reduced time spent being educated in a school setting”.

In addition, having incomplete limbs should not be a problem anymore. With all the technology we have today, it is such an easy task to make children’s prosthetics.

PIDS stated in their study “Health Practices Of Children And Women With Disabilities”, that “Persons with disabilities (PWDs) in the Philippines generally face several difficulties in getting hold of a much needed medical attention, including transportation and other barriers to access, and financial difficulties, among others.”

This should not be a burden to our children. They should be happy playing outside with other children and going to school to learn the basics without ever thinking of how to fend for them.

However, it is not the reality, especially in a country like ours.

Creating 3D Printed Prosthetics For Child Amputees

As the traditional prosthetic is longer to make and definitely much more expensive, opting for a 3D printed prosthetics might be a better solution. The technology makes it easier to make prosthetics. The measuring, customizing, and the comfort of the prosthesis are all better.

There are even 3D printed prosthetics that are made to grow with children. A customized prosthesis that is adjusted to fit a growing child doesn’t have to be replaced, meaning, fewer expenses.

Here at 3D2GO, we are doing our best to cater to the needs of the children. We have experienced 3D printing prosthesis for child amputee. We have made a prosthetic hand and limb. Our company is still trying to better our services to cater to more children and adults alike.

We accept all sorts of 3D printed prosthesis for child amputee. We also accept other types of prosthetics. Just contact us and we can talk about the specifics and other important things for the better outcome.