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Prosthetic Face Masks Boost The Confidence Of People With Facial Deformities

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In this world where many people value beauty and perfection a lot, those who have facial deformation can possibly feel that they are being humiliated or cast aside. It lowers their self-esteem and self-worth. At times, they may even feel different from people who don’t have deformation.

To prevent them from feeling this way, we have to reassure them that there is nothing wrong with them. And to help them rebuild their confidence, we can help them by offering them solutions such as prosthetic face masks.

Life changer prosthetic face masks

When it comes to prosthetic face masks, one of the most notable stories is that of Chrissy Steltz’. The American lady was left with a disfigured face after being blown off with a shotgun when she was 16 years old.

This lady has very high spirits that she did not allow her deformity to affect her life. But when she got married and had a child, she started to wear a sleeping mask to prevent her child from seeing her disfigured face. Good thing, surgeons come to her rescue and created a medical prosthetic mask which hid her injury.

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Source: Deskgram

Since then, she became more confident in herself. It also reassured her that her son “can grow to know his mom looking like a regular person versus a sleep shade.”

The beauty of science and technology

Chrissy’s story is a manifestation of how science, along with the use of the latest technological tools, can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Many people’s lives continue to advance along with the advancements brought by science — and the human mind in general. If we only focus on creating something beautiful and useful to everyone, like prosthetic face masks, we’ll realize how beautiful and how blessed we are that there are lots of humans who are blessed with science and technology-inclined minds. The products of their intelligence do not only satisfy them as individuals, they become a part of the greater good.

Confidence regained

Nurturing someone’s confidence is a very important thing. It gives people courage and therefore triggers them to make an action instead of sulking alone in the dark. The very same people who are afraid to make any move because they are so tied up with their fears.

This is exactly what prosthetic face masks can do. People with facial deformities can finally step out into the light and do the things they want to do without the fear of getting people’s stolen glances.

As mentioned, technology plays a crucial role in giving back the confidence of people with deformities. And one application that makes this amazing prosthetic face masks available to many is through the use of 3D printing technology.

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Source: ZME Science

What’s the good thing about this?

It’s known to be a versatile technology that has lots of applications. Researchers from different parts of the world continue to study it and discovered several breakthroughs in medicine. Through this technology, one can possibly 3D print a human skin, which can make prosthetic face masks look more natural.

Today, we may have not reached the highest extent of science yet. There are still lots to discover. But through the continuous innovations and inventions, the possibilities are high that many lives can change — including those people who have facial deformities.

As for 3D2GO, we are still learning to make better prosthetics. Contact us if you want one!