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3D Printing Helps With Branding For Corporate Architecture

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Branding, for a person who doesn’t really concern themselves with marketing or sales, it might be just a word. But if you know how important that word is, especially for architectural firms, this might concern you.

Have you ever heard of the word corporate architecture? No? Well, there are different types of architecture and one of them is corporate. But what exactly is that?

Corporate architecture is the type of architecture that supplies office space or creating and designing office spaces for companies, corporations, and organizations. In short, it is the type of architecture where you’ll see offices of employees and working people.

For architectural firms and construction companies, designing these buildings and structures is important. How they would entice and appeal to the CEOs and lease or buy their spaces is important.  Branding their buildings with their own touch starting from the scale models would be a great help.

Different Types of Architecture

As there are different types of architecture, they also have different brandings. You need to assert your own branding for your own type of architecture. According to arch daily, here are the different kinds of architecture:

Landscape architect – as the name suggests, this is about how the landscape in different areas is supposed to be used.

Urban planning – when it comes to urban planning, it includes the city and its landscape. How the cities are designed or the people in it allowed to build houses are what urban planning is. For architects, it is important to take note of what they can and cannot build.

Restoration – this one is about restoring old structures concerning destroyed ones due to natural disasters or old age.

Political – this one tackles how the planning of a city concerning its citizens would be. How public transports and public structures are supposed to be built.

Residential – this type of architecture is all about the residential area of a place. How houses should be built, together with its planning or underground things and the electricity and water supply.

Classical – just like any other things, there is also a classical type of architecture. This one concerns the old and traditional architecture.

Extreme – now this type kind of encompasses all of the other architecture. It gives off a little bit to everything. Since it is the type that needs to be made for extreme weathers. Architectural structures in desert, icy, and high-humid areas need a different type of approach.

Corporate Architecture Together With 3D Printing

With all of that, people, or your clients and future customers can get a little confused about different types of architecture. You better assert your territory and brand yourself as someone who does corporate architecture that is included urban planning.

Having a 3D printed scale model could be your trademark and branding. People or your future clients would recognize your work if they see a scale model that has been 3D printed to perfection. Not only that but every detail, hard work, and the feature will be highlighted through 3D printing the architectural model.

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