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May 7, 2019
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If it isn’t widely used or known yet, automotive prototyping through 3D printing, is or will be the next big thing. Whether from an automotive manufacturer’s viewpoint or a car owner’s point of view, prototyping in automotive with the use of 3D printing technology is the real deal.

According to WayKen Rapid Manufacturing, “The automotive industry is a complex and huge industry, faced with market pressures it requires frequent design iterations and new design development. However, the automotive design and development cycle is a long process, so fast and efficient prototyping is a must-have bridge for it. The automotive prototype represents an important step in the validation process between the initial product design and final production run.”

automotive prototyping is very important as this is the stage where car designers are seeing the reality and possibility of their ideas and design. if an idea is feasible or not, it will be seen on the CAD designing part.

Huge companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Tesla are outsourcing their prototyping services for advantages like speed and less error.

What Can 3D Printing Do Improve Automotive Rapid Prototyping

With all the advantages 3D printing technology brings to other industries like the medical and architectural, it can also bring the same advantages to automotive prototyping.

Speed – with 3D printing technology, rapid prototyping is much faster. It can make a three-month process into just a week or two.

Errors – it also lessens errors that can occur during the making of the prototype. Mistakes are seen even before the production as designers are making it. structure and design plus its usability will be tested in at this stage. if the product design will be marketable, will the target market buy the product or not, these are the questions that the prototype needs to answer.

Costs – probably one of the most important parts of 3D printing automotive prototypes is cutting costs. Not only time but manufacturers are also cutting costs with this technology. No more million dollars spent on just one prototype; just 10 percent of that price would suffice.

Design – according to Paragon, “producing highly scrutinized models to present a new concept to the public, where the surface finish is critical. Often this calls on us to be innovative with solutions as the designs may not yet have been finalized.”

With 3D printing, it is highly achievable and doable. As errors are predicted and lessen, design can be more complex without doing it longer.

Testing – after the design is finished, of course, it needs to be tested. With 3D printing technology, testing an automotive prototype is easier.

Materials – it can also make use of many other materials that are not usually used for automotive prototyping. Especially these days that 3D printers are getting more advanced and high quality, materials like metal, plastic, or resin is easily 3D printed into any complex design for testing.

3D2GO and Automotive Prototyping

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