3D Printing in Film

3D printing is on full display in commercially successful films like Iron Man 2, Pacific Rim, and Prometheus. For scenes that could not be computer-generated, the people behind these movies opted for the easier, more realistic route of 3D printing. That’s because no form of technology can ever duplicate live action.

At 3D2Go, we are honored to be of service to the local film industry through 3D printing. It’s been done in Hollywood; now allow us to spearhead this revolution in the local silver screen. So far, we have created 3D models for various film and advertising projects.

As a company, we believe in local talent, and we keep pace by bringing only the best in 3D printing. Our service allows entertainment companies and film outfits to:

Produce Precise, Realistic Props from Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) Data Have Costume Parts Interact with Post-Production of CGI Scan Props or References in the Absence of CGI Data

All the said benefits allow for a quick turnaround time so you are able to meet tight deadlines. Before 3D printing, production companies largely rely on computer-generated and handmade props and set pieces. The problem is that the human eye can detect CGI from the real thing. If you want to be as close to reality as possible, our company holds the answer.

Props and Sets

Our experienced designers and modelers have been 3D printing movie props, costumes, set pieces, and entire sets for movies and TV commercials. Digitally printed props are lighter than hand-made props so they are much easier to transport and operate, saving even more precious time.

At 3D2Go, we understand the importance of time in the film industry. More than making accurate 3D-printed props, we don’t want you to miss a release date or other opportunities that will cost you huge amounts of money, all because of a missed deadline.


Our company is here to support any advancement in film production. Aside from its benefits in production design, 3D printing makes prototyping of electronic equipment and devices faster and easier. Just some of the gears that can be produced using a 3D printer include:

  • Camera Drones
  • DSLR Rig Systems
  • Audio Pistol Grips
  • Tripods
  • Sliders
  • Boom Mic Shock Absorbers

Film Memorabilia

Action figures, key chains, costumes, replicas of iconic props—the list goes on. If film outfits intend to sell merchandise and collectibles to further immortalize a movie, 3D printing is the way to go. It enables the production of items in limited quantities.

The production of film memorabilia is in itself a lucrative business that generates huge profit. With our help, film outfits and manufacturers can go as accurate as they want with every piece of memorabilia.

High Heels

3D printing for the film industry opens doors for more, bigger ideas, not just in animated films and superhero movies. Contrary to what others might think, a project doesn’t need to be heavy on special effects to benefit from 3D printing. As long as it needs sets, props, and costumes, we are here to extend a hand.