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  • Thor 3D Scanner

    THOR3D 3D Scanner DRAKE

    Drake is a portable, wireless 3D scanner that can capture almost any object, large or small.

    It is the first hand-held 3D scanner that has interchangeable lenses which allow the user to scan any sized object: from a coin to a yacht.

    Thor3D’s Drake is a device that has three swappable sets of lenses which are often called “heads”.

    Each head has a name (Mini, Midi, Maxi) and is used for scanning different types of objects.

    So one scanner with all three heads will let you scan almost any object (except maybe a building or a mountain) with one device.

  • TT-1 Turntable

    In combination with the DAVID 3D Scanner Software (since Version 4) it will make 360° scanning much easier. The scanobjects are simply placed on the TT-1 and subsequently you can rotate and scan automatically in different angles by using the DAVID 3D Scanner Software.

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