Meticulous 3D Printed Topographic Maps

Have you ever been in a wonderful landscape that makes you want to take a lot of photos, stay there for the rest of your life, or bring home the place even if it’s impossible? You’re in luck as you can now get 3D printed topographic maps of your hometown, an island, a mountain, and any recognizable place you love.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3D Printed Topographic Maps?

These are the miniature 3D models of a real world area you commonly see in national parks and some other places. Topographic maps that are 3D printed are much more interesting than the ones you usually use as these are made from plastic materials created through additive manufacturing processes or 3D printing technology to show the overview of the location from a bird’s eye view.

Use of 3D Printed Topographic Maps

More than just being an eye-candy, it has many uses and benefits that most people are not aware of. Here are some of it:

  • For Businesses - If you are an owner of a promising land, especially if it is a tourist spot, having a 3D printed topographic map of your place is just one of the best decisions to make. Visitors will surely notice it and will take some time to look as with the use of it, they can familiarize themselves with the place and may feel a bit of attachment. What a better way to appreciate a landscape than looking at it from the top?
  • For Hobbyists - People have a strong sense of appreciation. We love to take anything that will remind us of something special or extraordinary like a picture. But with 3D printed maps, you can always see your favorite place. Display it in your home or office and feel like it’s bringing back the remarkable memories you had.
  • For Architects - You cannot build something without a plan. Things always start with the basics. This type of map gives architects the ability to see and study the place, which enables them to come up with a better design and an overall plan.
  • For Disaster Risk Management - Natural disasters are inevitable. We cannot avoid it, but we can avoid our families getting hurt or our properties being damaged. One way to alert and inform people is through 3D printed topographic maps. It showcases the detailed features of landforms that can help map out the hazard level of specific communities. They would know who and when to evacuate during natural disasters.

How to 3D Print Topo Maps

Hiring a shop like 3D2Go will help you get your typographic map in a more cost-efficient and hassle-free way without needing to purchase your own 3D printer and other materials. We will help you make 3D printed topo maps of anywhere you like. You simply need to discuss with us your requirements and we are more than happy to serve you with your 3D needs.

What is the Price of a 3D Printed Topographic Maps?

Note that each topographic map has unique features from the others as every place looks different. With this, we cannot provide an exact amount of the cost, but will give you instead the factors that may affect the price.

  • Service Required - Mentioned above are the types of prosthetics that can be 3D printed. It is a huge factor to consider in determining the price of a project as the complexity of details varies on the type.
  • Dimension and Details - We can determine how much materials needed through the size.
  • Design Revision - A maximum of three design revisions is given to every project for free. Changes exceeding the limit may be subject to additional charge. Clients need not to worry as we do not print an item without the go signal from them.

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3D2Go 3D Printed Topographic Maps

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