Quality 3D Printed Pet Accessories

As we, humans, love dressing up and wearing fancy accessories to look nice and presentable, especially when going outside, would you let your furry baby go out of track? Of course not! Funny to think, but we treat them as if they are our kids. We buy them clothes, gears, materials they need, and some even spend for 3D printed pet accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3D Printed Pet Accessories?

Taking care of pets is never easy. It can sometimes be costly, especially if you’re the type of fur parent who loves to purchase different things for your fur kid, including pet accessories that are 3D printed. These are customized accessories that are printed in 3D to achieve your desired size, design, style, and function.

What Pet Accessories Can be 3D Printed?

Here are just some of the many accessories of pets that we can 3D print, including those that are necessary as pets are ALWAYS CURIOUS to a lot of things:

  • Wearable Antlers
  • Food Dispenser
  • Drinking Pond
  • Wobbly Ball
  • Pet Prosthetics
  • Toy Race Track
  • Display Wings
  • Wearable Hat
  • ID Tags and Collars
  • Pet Armor
  • Small Animal House
  • Toys of your choice
  • Wheel
  • Wheelchair, and many more

The accessories mentioned above are safe for your pets and are not choking hazards.

How Much Do Pet Accessories that are 3D Printed Cost?

Here are some of the factors that may affect the price of a pet accessory that is 3D printed:

  • Service Needed - First things first. When accepting a project, one of the first important questions to answer to your chosen service provider is the service you require, especially for a one-stop-shop store like 3D2Go. You can avail our full service wherein we will help you from scratch or you can also hire us to only 3D print your item if you already have a 3D file of the object, which is cheaper.
  • Dimension - Another thing to consider first is the size of the object to create. With the help of the dimension, the store can determine how much material and time are needed to get the project done. With this, they can make a quote for you.
  • Revision - A maximum of three design revisions per project is set by 3D2Go to maximize the time and effort of our people. Changes exceeding the limit will be subject to additional charge.

Why Go with 3D2Go

Looking for a shop that can cater your 3D needs? Lucky you as you’ve already found it! 3D2Go provides premium 3D services at a reasonable price. With the help of our skilled people and our advanced 3D printer technology and other equipment, we guarantee high quality output you’ll surely love. Ask for a quote today!