3D Printed Food in the Philippines

If you would ask us one of the most delightful things that 3D printing can do, there is a huge percentage we would answer it with 3D printed food. Because who doesn’t love to see those tempting displays? Like any other industries, the food industry continues to innovate to serve quality food to people and that includes food displays that are printed in 3D.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3D Printed Food?

It is a 3D artificial food created through an additive manufacturing process. One of the benefits it gives to food manufacturers, businesses, and to everyone as well is it helps reduce food waste by not using actual or fresh ingredients, but uses plastic instead. It can last much longer as it does not expire or rot.

Is the 3D Printed Food Edible?

Although the revolution of 3D printing technology is rapid, it is important to take note that what 3D2Go offers are INEDIBLE. Yes, 3D printing of edible food is already possible and some of the well-known chefs, restaurants, and food brands are already catering it, but it is not our expertise. Our output is not real food and was made from plastic with the aim only for display. Businesses will surely benefit from it as we ensure to make it look appetizing that when customers see it, they will crave for it.

How Much Does a 3D Printed Food Cost?

There are factors that may affect the price of a food that is 3D printed and here are some:

  • Service Needed - One of the first things to consider is the service that the customer requires. Being the only one-stop-shop for everything 3D, you can hire us to help you all the way in getting it done if you want it hassle-free. If you want a cheaper price, you can create your own design and simply provide us with a 3D digital file and we will print, sand, and paint it.
  • Dimension - Another factor that may affect the price is the size of the item. Expect a cheaper price for objects that are smaller as the dimension determines the amount of time and materials needed to create the item.
  • Revision - 3D2Go has a maximum of three design revisions for every project. If you exceed the limit and wish for additional changes, it will be subject to extra charge.
  • Turnaround Time - To cater to all the 3D needs of our clients, we are setting a lead time to every project. But if you wish for a faster turnaround time, you can inquire, but will still depend on our workload. This will affect the price as you will be charged with “rush fee’.

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Why Go with 3D2Go

Aiming to make customers notice your brand? Do it with 3D2Go’s 3D printed food services! In addition to our professional people who will help you throughout your transaction with us, we have advanced 3D printers to create superior 3D printed food that can help boost up your business by making customers crave for it. Inquire today!