3D Printed Executive Corporate Giveaways

Captivating the heart of your clients or your people is never easy. You always need to think of something different to stand out. And once you are successful with it, isn’t it a wonderful feeling to cultivate, especially that it affects your business in a good way? That is what 3D printed executive corporate giveaways can do. Make your mark to your clients with unique 3D giveaways.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3D Printed Executive Corporate Giveaway?

It is something you give to your loyal customers or employees to make them know and feel that you treasure them. It is a 3D printed object customized based on your preferred design in order to create a significant mark to these people.

What are the Creative Giveaways that Can Be Distributed?

Explore a wide-range of materials to create through 3D printing. Bring your imagination to a genuine 3D printed object. You can think of many high-end corporate gifts you can 3D print, but here are just some suggestions you can customize to make your gift ideas even more interesting:

  • Figurines
  • Miniatures
  • Table or Phone Stand
  • Phone Case
  • Bluetooth Speaker Gifts
  • Flash Drive
  • Corporate Pen
  • Table Signs
  • Power bank
  • Pens laser
  • Desk clocks
  • Travel Accessories
  • Fitness Equipment, and many more

Considering these benefits, you also need to keep in mind the production timeline and cost as the 3D package design process is different from the usual packaging process.

How Can Executive Corporate Giveaways Help Your Business?

Whatever celebration there is, or even without one, you can always hand out 3D printed giveaways. Any occasion can be more special with the help of these, especially that it can help your business in different ways.

  • Giveaway Beyond Expectation The best part about 3D printing is that sky's the limit. Delight clients by surprising them with unconventional giveaways that are not easy to find in the market.
  • Spice Up Holiday Greetings The holiday season is the perfect time to impress clients. All you have to do is think of the best custom executive gift design fit for your branding and let 3D2Go do the rest.
  • Enhance Brand Recognition One of the main purposes of giveaways is to make your mark to the people who will receive it. Make your clients recognize your brand not only for 24 hours, but even long after they receive your gift. Giving them something useful would be a great idea.
  • Strengthen Business Relationship Letting your clients know that they are not the only ones loyal, but you to them as well is an ideal move towards creating a good business relationship with them. Giving a client gift, especially a 3D printed corporate executive giveaway can make it possible.

Executive corporate giveaways are more than just something you distribute as conference gifts or client and employee gifts. They can also be promotional products you can use to create better brand awareness. These promotional gifts can serve as an effective marketing strategy, especially if your target market is B2B. Handing out promotional items is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to be noticed by prospects while keeping existing clients feel special. This is exactly why you need to think carefully for your corporate giveaways.

Why is 3D Printing Good for Creating Corporate Giveaways?

You can always resort to regular giveaways like mugs, key chains, shirts over anything else, but 3D printing can make you different and more creative. Here are some of the reasons to love 3D printing more for your next executive corporate giveaways:

  • Better for Mass Customization 3D printing is a great method for making custom corporate giveaways. It allows you to produce in bulk while achieving every detail you want for your design.
  • Time Efficient Production Through 3D printing, you can produce as many items as you want at the shortest time possible with quality output.
  • Endless Possibilities With 3D printing, imagination is your limit. Almost anything is possible to make with the help of this amazing technology. .

How Much Do 3D Printed Executive Corporate Giveaways Cost?

As 3D printed giveaways can be of different forms and designs, we cannot provide an exact price, but here are some of the factors that may affect its cost:

  • Dimension - To make a price quotation of a 3D printed giveaway, you need to determine first the dimension of the requested object as it plays an important part. Find out how long it will take to finish the project as well as the amount of materials needed by getting this information.
  • Details - Knowing the complexity of the details of the item may also help estimate the cost of a 3D project. A more detailed project may cost higher as it requires greater effort to create.
  • Design Revision - We provide a maximum of three design revisions per project. Changes exceeding the limit may be subject to additional charge. But worry not as we ensure that the final file has a go signal from our client before printing.
  • Service Needed - This may also alter the cost. If you already have a 3D file of your design, you can hand it over to us to save costs, but you can also avail our end-to-end service. We will help you with the process all the way.

Talk to one of our account managers to get a quote.

Why Choose 3D2Go

It is said that 89% of consumers can still remember a brand after two years of receiving a one-of-a-kind giveaway. Be the brand that they will remember for long with 3D2Go’s 3D printed executive corporate giveaways. We are here to help you from start to finish as we offer end-to-end 3D services, from scanning, designing, printing, sanding, and painting, we got you!

As a 3D printing company offering services for high quality 3D printed executive corporate giveaways in the Philippines, we guarantee fast turnaround time with value-for-money output and services. Tell us your ideas and we will help you give life to it.