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Top Ten Cool and Practical Products You can 3D Print

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The popularity of 3D printing continues to expand in almost all types of industries due to its seemingly boundless applications and ceaseless opportunities for innovation. Its capacity to turn any digital file into a three-dimensional tangible object opens a lot of possibilities not only for technology enthusiasts, researchers, and hobbyists; it also enables ordinary people to create functional and valuable products that can aid them in their daily life.

Customization is the best attribute of 3D printing. Depending on someone’s standard and need, each product can be very unique that it will be hard to see a duplicate anywhere else.

Alternatively, this technology can help someone replicate an item that is either phased out in the market or in the danger of wearing out.

At 3D2GO, we often receive different job orders from our customers that are either for their personal, educational, or corporate use.

In this article, we have listed the 10 coolest things you can create with 3D printing to give you an idea on how you can utilize this technology.

#10 Corporate giveaways

3D-printed giveaways are perfect to show your appreciation to your hard working employees. Who knows? They can be a bit tired of receiving the same key chain, pen, mug, or generic-looking plaques and trophies in every corporate event of your company. Reward them with something new and personalized to let them know that you care.

#9 Replacement parts for gadgets, machines, and automobiles

It can be very frustrating to know that the component you need to fix your gadgets, machines, and automobiles is already phased out in the market. The result: you may end up buying a new product. Good thing 3D printing can help you replicate and restore that damaged part. This technology can surely save both of your time and money.

#8 Home decors

The fusion of 3D printing technology and creativity results to visually appealing products that can be made as exceptional home decorations. Add more of your personality to your residence by turning your designs into three-dimensional objects. You may also want to make good use of your old but memorable photographs into something functional like a 3D-printed lithophane. Each time you light that lamp, memories will surely come rushing in.

#7 Gadget accessories

If you’re someone who loves gadget accessories but hate to see a similar thing from another, 3D printing may be the best solution for you! 3D print your phone cases, charms, and stands to make sure that you have an item like no other has.

#6 Toys

Action figures can be very expensive and hard to purchase, especially if it’s a limited edition product. But with 3D printing, you can have it for a lesser price!

#5 Product and packaging design prototypes

If you’re a manufacturer, you probably know that the design of product packaging matters a lot because it does not only protect the actual good from damage but it also attracts customer and it differentiates one brand from another. Thus, making its prototype first before releasing it to the market should be given enough attention. 3D printing the prototype can make it easier for you to visualize and analyze how the final product will look like. It can also let you see what needs to be improved or altered.

#4 Architecture and design

Before proceeding with the construction of your house, it is better to see a detailed physical representation of how it will look like once built. The best way to achieve this is through 3D printing. Using this technology, you’ll have a look of every nook and cranny of your future home. You’ll also be able to check any error in the design to prevent any setbacks once the actual construction process begins.

#3 Visual arts

Whether it is for educational, theatrical, restorative, or decorative purposes, 3D printing is the best way to replicate visual arts masterpieces like sculptures and figurines. With this ground-breaking technology, you don’t have to worry about damaging the original product.

#2 Mini-Me figurines

3D-printed mini-me figurines come as perfect gifts and ornaments in celebrations like weddings, birthdays, christening, and debuts. It can be a great alternative to traditional photos. If you’d like, you can have a miniature version of yourself 3D printed based on your favorite athlete, heroes, or animated character.

#1 Prosthetics

One of the best applications of this said technology is its ability to help physically unique individuals through 3D-printed prosthetics. Because of its customization properties, 3D printing can create prosthetics that can suit the attributes and lifestyle of the beneficiary.

The products listed here are only some of the amazing things 3D printing technology can create. If you have anything in mind that you want to 3D print, contact us anytime! We will be very happy to serve you.