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How 3D Printing Parts Replacement for Vehicles will Revolutionize Automotive Industry

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How 3D Printing Parts Replacement for Vehicles will Revolutionize Automotive Industry

Considered to be the next frontier of human technology, it is no secret that 3D printing has taken the automotive industry from day one. From 3D printed parts replacement and accessories to creating new concepts from scratch, the possibilities of 3D printing are endless.

With the advent of using metal as material for 3D printing, it is no wonder that trusted automotive companies are starting to look into the possibilities of including this technology in the business. If up until now, the 3D technology was used just to print certain car parts, nowadays you can have an entire vehicle printed from scratch no more than two days later.

Imagine if you will, a world where you can go online, order a new car part, have it specified to your preferences and have it shipped to your house in less than two days, instead of going to your regular auto repair shop and wait for a month before you can get your car back. That’s what the auto industry is envisaging.

It may sound outlandish and too good to be true, but the truth is that the future of car parts replication is bound to change thanks to 3D printing. Here’s how 3D printing will revolutionize the automotive repair industry.


Parts replication process will be a lot faster.

3D printing enables a continuous factory production for individual parts and because of this, prevents losses that take place during a normal production process. Also, speed is another factor to take into consideration, because a faster process means more continuity to the design and the overall development process. Also, if car repair shops find themselves in need of a more traditional part, that isn’t included in the mass production, they can easily print it by simply adjusting the settings on the printer.


There are less risks involved in 3D printed parts replacement.

Do you remember going to your local car repair store thinking that you can finally get your vehicle back only to learn that you will have to wait for another three weeks because the part they ordered from Osaka, Japan wasn’t the right one for your car and they have to order another one?

Using 3D printed parts replacement in car repairs can eliminate that scenario. By making exact measurements in the computer, they can easily 3D print the car part with little possibility of errors and in less time. The price is also easier to adjust when there is no need to import parts several times since you will be printing them at the store already.


Using 3D printing in car parts replication also is more environmental friendly.

Contrary to popular belief, car makers actually use recyclable materials and release a very low rate of fuel emission to build 3D cars. Searching online for environmental friendly cars, you wouldn’t find any other vehicle with a lower carbon print than a 3D printed car, since the manufacture process requires only a small amount of electricity, compared to the traditional factory process.

You might not know this, but 3D printing has been in use by automotive industry since it’s development. 3D printing became more popular in recent years, automotive companies are now using this technology in making car parts replication a lot quicker with lesser costs on production.

No doubt that the 3D printed parts replacement technology still needs time to improve. But it’s not hard to imagine that you will be able to 3D print your own car parts very soon.