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Plastic Injection Molding For Making Small Toy Parts

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Are you a manufacturer of toys? Have you tried plastic injection molding? If not, then you should! It gives high quality but low-cost solutions for your business.

Whether you are a big manufacturing company or just a startup, having high quality with a low-cost solution is great for business. That is what 3D printed custom plastic molding will give you!

 3D Printed Molds For Toys Of All Ages

There are tons of different types of toys. Whether that is for children or older teens, there are definitely plastic toys. If your company is specializing in making plastic toys, making them through mold is going to be easier than making one without it. Also, customizing every toy is very much possible with the help of 3D printed molds.

3D printed mold

Source: Pinshape

3D printed molds are totally okay to use for plastic injection molding. There are many filaments and 3D printing materials that can withstand the heat that is used for injection molding. Moreover, intricate designs could be made. It could set apart your business from the others. Offering customized toys with a unique design, a design just for your customers will surely attract consumers.

3D printed mold

Source: Pinshape

Furthermore, making that toy part will not cost you that much. As the title implies, using plastic injection molding as a way to create and mass produce your toys will still give you high quality but with fewer expenses. However small that part is, it will still have its shape perfected with the help of 3D printing.

3D Printing Molds For Mass Production Of Toys

Plastic toys have great strength and are lightweights. They can also have a colorful decoration with complex design. If you want to compete with China, the biggest plastic toys manufacturer in the world, thinking of innovative ways to make your toys are needed. Of course, in China, toys are much cheaper; this is why 3D printed molds will definitely help you compete with other bigger markets.

You can still mass produce toys like them, but you have the edge. Usually, plastic toys don’t have that much precision and intricate design. They are usually made with speed in mind. Not really caring about the quality, especially China-made toys.

A Peek At The Future Of 3D Printing

Not with 3D printed molds. 3D printed molds are very precise in their pattern. Even the smallest dent or dot will be seen.

Think of how it will positively affect your business. Creating toys on demand and delivering them to your customers and clients after a day or two of molding it in. You can also create toys that are not available in the market. Since making a 3D printed mold for plastic injection molding is going to be easy, you can make them at your own home.

Advantages Of 3D Printed Mold For Small Toy Manufacturers

For hobbyists and at-home toy manufacturers or start-ups, having a 3D printed mold will definitely help you start your business and make it grow bigger. With less capital, you can still give quality products to your customers.

Also, with the help of 3D2GO, you can make 3D printed molds faster with no hassle.

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