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Customized Cake Topper Ideas For Your Sweet Little Girl

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Customized Cake Topper Ideas For Your Sweet Little Girl
Customized Cake Topper Ideas For Your Sweet Little Girl

Customized Cake Topper Ideas For Your Daughter

We already covered a bunch of cake topper features here. And we know you still want more! Why? Because, it’s fun! Cake toppers are a very popular accessory for any occasion. It makes your cake more memorable. It transforms them from sweet surprise to an extravagant presentation.

Cake toppers design is a fun experience. You can explore your hidden artistic talent. At the same time, you will learn everything about it. You can use it from personalized wedding cake topper to birthday cake topper. Aside from that, designs vary on the recipient’s favorite character or KPop artist.

Today, let us take a look at three more cake topper ideas for your surprise party.


Rainbow Cake Topper

If your daughter loves unicorns but you already made her that cake topper then, this idea is perfect for you. This eye-pleasing design can make any cake wonderful. Fondant rainbow cake toppers are ideal if you want to have a unicorn-themed party.

Additionally, you can do a lot more than just a simple rainbow. Try to put your daughter’s name in it. You can also put her bobblehead hanging and chilling on it. Put the leprechaun’s gold pot too while you’re at it. There are a lot of fun and exciting things you can do with this idea.

The colorful design on top of any cake gives a totally different feel on it. Make sure to add this on the list of things you need to make the occasion extra special.


Mermaid Cake Topper

Now, if your daughter is more of a Disney princess rather than a Cocomelon character then try this one. You might want to do a themed party with all the princesses. Of course, the highlight should be your daughter’s favorite character.

And if she likes Ariel, then try to customize a little mermaid cake topper. For better appearance, make sure that the cake is like a tide of water. The topper mermaid should be on top of it, comfortably sitting and just chilling.

Additionally, you can also use your daughter’s face with the mermaid tail. Let her see herself as one of the beautiful water creatures. Change her hair into red too to make it similar to the original character.


Baptism Cake Topper

This one is a bit different. Aside from birthdays, welcoming her to the Christian world is also special. You might want to try to give her a cake topper that suits her personality. It will remind her everyday how special she is to become part of your church.

If she likes Superbook, then you can create a cake topper of her favorite character there. You can also do a miniature statue of Jesus on top of the christening cake symbolizing that he’s the center of the celebration.

There are tons of ideas that you do for your cake toppers. Stay tuned for more! Of course you can also do a DIY cake toppers. But, if you want to do extra customization with it then go to 3D2GO. We have a variety of services that you can enjoy. Contact us today and experience the magic of the 3D service!