Cake Topper Designs That You Can 3D Print

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February 11, 2021
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February 13, 2021
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Cake Topper Designs That You Can 3D Print
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3D Printing Is A Great Option For Your Cake Topper Designs


Cake toppers is the “icing” on the cake. Cakes are staple to any occasion. Be it baby showers, birthday parties, and bridal showers. 

No matter how beautiful your cake is, the cake topper design gets most of the attention. That is why it is the best to have it intricately detailed. 

As it is not a mere decoration, you can even display it after its primary use as a topper. 

People are sentimental. The things that you love are part of your personality. Things that you admire contribute to your whole being. 

That is the reason why we love personalized items. Even for a cake topper. 

How you make cake toppers change as time goes by. Details are so much better than before. The 3D printing even made it more beautiful and accurate. If you want to have a cake topper that is worthy of everyone’s attention, why not go for a 3D printed one? 


Cocomelon Cake Topper

Kids love Cocomelon! That is a fact. It is rare for a kid not to know about these cute characters singing nursery rhymes. Kids would love it if their birthday cake topper on their special day will have their favorite Cocomelon character on top of it. 

As detailed as what they can see on their screens. Plus factor, even after the event, they can display it as a remembrance. 


BTS Cake Topper

The world is crazy over K-Pop or korean idols. Fans or stans of this particular group called Armys are admirable for their dedication. BTS is a seven-member boyband. 

Would it be nice to have them all 3D printed as a cake topper? It will surely add a personal touch to any cake. 

Armys celebrates the birthday of each BTS member around the world. It would be a great option to have a 3D printed version of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook as a cake topper. It is a unique addition to a cake with just a mere dedication. It can also convey how much you support BTS. 


Hello Kitty Cake Topper

Who wouldn’t recognize this cute character produced by Sanrio? Hello Kitty is the epitome of a cute character and everyone loves her. 

What is the best thing about Hello Kitty? It is not only exclusive to little girls. Ladies admire Hello Kitty as much. 

If you 3D printed a Hello Kitty cake topper, it will surely add a sense of uniqueness to the simple cake. Especially if the cake is for someone who loves Hello Kitty! 


Why Is 3D2GO Your Best Choice To 3D Print Your Cake Topper Designs?

One of the pioneers of 3D printing services in the Philippines, 3D2GO is the only company who offers end-to-end services. 

For your cake topper, we can easily render the design or character that you want. Be it a Cocomelon character, your BTS bias or even all of them, and everybody’s favorite Hello Kitty, we got it! 

Contact us today so we can bring the character you love into life. Exclusively yours!