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April 11, 2021
Where to get your customized acrylic cake topper philippines

Where To Get Your Customized Acrylic Cake Topper Philippines

Where do wedding cake toppers come from? These little dolls have appeared on the uppermost tiers of cakes for centuries. So what is the history behind […]
April 10, 2021
A blog banner by 3D2GO about Where To Look For 3D Printer For Sale Philippines

Where To Look For 3D Printer For Sale Philippines

We are your go-to shop when it comes to 3D Printer for Sale Philippines Are you thinking of finally doing that passion project you’ve been putting […]
April 10, 2021
Where Can I 3D Print Around Manila?

Where Can I 3D Print Around Manila?

Suggested places to 3d print around Manila Nothing comes cheap in the market nowadays. Especially if it’s something unique or personalized.  3D2GO is the only one-stop-shop […]
April 9, 2021
3D Printed Toys For The Boys

3D Printed Toys For The Boys

Creating 3d printed toy ideas for children Toy aisles in stores are pretty limited in stocks. If the toy your child wants isn’t on the shelves?  […]

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March 14, 2014

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February 24, 2014

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February 17, 2014

3D Printing the Human Body

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January 29, 2014

The Next Best Thing in Automotive 3D Printing

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January 2, 2014

3D Printing: The Future of Prosthetics

‘Heard about artificial face parts to go? It’s kind of unlikely. However, just like your favorite beverages; ear, nose, and eye prosthetics can be produced as […]
December 16, 2013

3D-Printed Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

There are lots of things 3D printing can do. This awesome technology is being enjoyed by several industries today and the trend continues as demand increases. […]
December 11, 2013

Creating New Music with 3D-Printed Musical Instruments

Additive manufacturing has penetrated several industries so far. Three-dimensional printing, more than a couple of decades ago, emerged silently – drawing just a few interested crowds. […]
December 4, 2013

Customized 3D Printed Miniatures as Gifts or Collection

 Have you ever pictured yourself as a miniature like a cute little version of yourself? It does sound thrilling especially when all the details and characteristics […]
November 29, 2013

Make Your Own Toys with 3D Printing

When we were kids, we wanted to have all the toys. We were crazy begging our parents to buy us the new G.I. Joe’s Duke action […]
November 25, 2013

The Basic Ways Of How 3D Printing Works

3D printing is almost everywhere, creating things on demand – fast and precise. From science laboratories, Amazon and eBay, hospitals, building sites to offices and homes; the […]