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Top Tips For Better Feng Shui Architecture Design

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Who doesn’t love Feng Shui? Just like with horoscope, there are many Filipinos who love reading things like this. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt if you try to believe, right?

Although there are some party poopers who get all riled up when people mention that, many Filipinos do love this Chinese tradition. Remodeling or designing your house according to Feng Shui is said to bring good luck.

This year, the year of the Earth pig or Jin Hai, let’s take a look at what can you do to bring in some good luck to your home.

First of all, according to many Feng Shui experts, it is important to clean and de-clutter your house. Having a sanitary and hygienic home will not only bring good luck to you but will also bring good health to your family.

Achieve Unique Interior Design with 3D-Printed Home Décor

According to Feng Shui, cleaning your house and throwing away useless stuff will make it more spacious will make you feel lighter and will ultimately make you think better.  

For people who want to remodel their house using Feng Shui architecture design

For Feng Shui experts, using Feng Shui architecture design for remodeling of a house can make the good energy or vibes come and stay.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is to de-clutter and remove dusty, unused or broken items. If you have a bed under a window, remove it. Repair all broken windows, screens, and doors. Never leave exposed nails on walls after the renovation. Water leakage is also a no-no.

For the architecture design, keep in mind that aggressive corners can bring bad energy. It is the same with slanted walls and having a door after a long hallway. Lastly, do not align your front and back doors as it can have a negative effect. For a better visualization of your dream house, you can have a 3D model of it 3D printed.

For people who want to change the Feng Shui interior design of their house

If you are planning to keep things fresh inside your house, remember that Feng Shui experts have stated that bright objects like mirrors, crystals, and lights will bring positive vibes around your house. Colors are important!


Also, it is also good to have things that create sounds like wind chimes, bells, or anything that produces music. Moreover, having living things inside your home will bring good luck too. For example, if you have plants, pets like fish, cat, and dogs are great. Not only those things but having kinetic energy like water fountains, fans, windmills, flags, and wind flow freely around your house keeps out the negative vibes.

Also, having heavy objects like statues, sculptures, and rocks means it will keep you and your family rooted in place. Appliances, computers, and electrical stuff are also good for your home this year, Feng Shui experts stated.

Things like flags, curtains, incense fragrances, pictures, and rugs are not just for aesthetic reasons because they are good for the Shi of your house too.

All these tips are just tips for your house. Living a good life will still be up to you and how you live your life. Happy New Year everyone!

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