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Achieve Unique Interior Design with 3D-Printed Home Décor

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September 13, 2017
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Achieve Unique Interior Design with 3D-Printed Home Décor

There are plenty of ways to decorate your home. Of course as the owner, you call the shots. You can choose to have a theme or opt for a more flexible design so you can play around anytime as you wish. Perhaps with a little help from friends and family members, you tell which furniture should be placed in a particular area or which décor works best for a specific wall.

Given all these possibilities, it doesn’t come as a surprise that interior design can work well alongside 3D printing. It gets intriguing the more you know about it. Trust us when we say that once you learn about the benefits of 3D printing in interior design, it would be hard to stop ideas from flowing inside your head.  We’re talking interior design and that can’t be a bad thing.

The Beauty of 3D Digital Sculpting Using PLA Plastic

Consider 3D printing as a viable construction method that presents you with tons of options while at the same time making life easier a tenfold. You enter a CAD drawing, then the 3D printer generates and fuses thin layers of materials to turn your vision into a three-dimensional reality. This, friends, is 3D digital sculpting.

There are many materials that are being considered or are actually being used for 3D printing. Among the most popular is PLA plastic, a biodegradable plastic made from plant-based resources like sugarcane. It is for this reason why it is likewise called the green plastic. If you want something that doesn’t pose much harm to the environment, 3D printing is the way to go.

Traditional and Self-Made Décor and Designs

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Whether or not you are a design enthusiast, there is a special kind of excitement in decorating your own home. It gets even more interesting if you are creating your own piece of work or coming up with a design idea. It can be a simple piece of furniture or a lavish home décor. Here are a few samples you can create through 3D printing.

Storage Wall – A storage wall is an exhibit of ingenuity. It is a piece of furniture and decor that is both eye-catching and functional. With a 3D printer, you can play with geometric figures and other non-traditional designs to come up with a one-of-kind piece where you can place books, CDs, DVDs, wine bottles, and more.

Distinct-Looking Chairs – In terms of design, chairs are perhaps the most flexible piece of furniture there is. Digital 3D sculpting should make it easy for anyone to produce a chair of any design, from beach and lounge to cellular and Eiffel.

Games – Yes, you can have your favorite game printed and displayed inside your home. Imagine having a gigantic chessboard with gigantic pieces in your living area to welcome your guests. Talk about unique interior pieces.

A good décor is something that would add value to your home. You can maximize the use of 3D printing by making something out of the usual lamps, shades, vases, ad picture frames. But all these may not be possible without the help of the seasoned designers of 3D2Go. Get in touch with us so we can talk about your interior design project.