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Make Your 2019 Classy And Stylish With These 3D Printed New Year Decorations

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As early as September, many of us started decorating our homes with different Christmas ornaments. The excitement for the holiday season, which is deeply rooted in the culture of Filipinos, made the Philippines as the country with the longest Christmas celebration.

There is no question why Filipinos act that way. Even in our childhood, we are taught to always prepare ahead of anything.

That is why it is not surprising at all if as early as today, you can already see New Year decorations in your neighbor’s house alongside their Christmas decors. Who knows? They might be too excited to welcome a new year of prosperity and abundance and they believe that having those decorations will bring them just what they wish.

If you are also excited — and you want to have a full-blast preparation — for the coming year, here are some New Year decoration ideas that can help you begin 2019 with class and style.

Chinese horoscope characters and other ornaments

3D printed pig

Source: Thingiverse

Although the Chinese New Year doesn’t officially start in January, you can start decorating your home with elegant 3D printed horoscope characters and other Chinese ornaments. Make your home look more stylish by strategically blending or placing it the other decorations in your home (of course, if you believe in Feng Shui, you can still follow the direction it suggests while remaining creative).

Letterboard set

A 3D printed letter board set, complete with 3D printed letters, numbers, and symbols, offers fun activity during the New Year. Along with your barkada or family and relatives, you can use it to play some word-guessing game. If you want to add depth to it, you can also use it to list your New Year’s resolutions. Place it somewhere you can always see so you’ll be reminded — all year round — of the promise you gave to yourself.

Because it is 3D printed, you can choose whatever designs you like. You can make the board look sophisticated, chic, or minimalistic. You can also use cute or classy letters and numbers to make it more enjoyable.

3D printed lamps or double wall tealight holder

3D printed double wall tealight holder

Source: CGTrader

If you want to enter 2019 in a more dramatic light, 3D printed lamps or double wall tealight holders are some of the best New Year decorations you can have at home. This illuminating decoration is perfect for couples who want to celebrate the year in a more romantic way. Or if your family just hate noises and prefer solitude over it, 3D printed lamps can be your perfect company.

You can choose readily available designs (there are many on the internet) or design your own lamp if you want to add some personal touches to it.

2019 spectacles

Love quirky things? Then the 2019 spectacles are perfect for you! What makes it even quirkier? Wearing it your family and friends who have the same taste as you. So make sure to spread the fun by keeping preparing a number of this spectacles. You’ll only wear this once, so why spare the fun?

Make sure to have a fun, colorful, and memorable New Year. To make it more special, sprinkle it with some color and creativity.

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