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The Awesome Benefits of 3D Printing

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Admit it, when you finally heard about 3D printing, you went berserk how this technology actually works and it brought out the geek in you.

How is it possible? How does it work? Yes, there was so much interest and curiosity drawn when 3D printing was brought out of the box. People talked about it, wrote blogs and even shared it on social media.

photo credit: celiasmall blog

A 3D-printed prosthetic leg

3D Printing Prosthetics

Most of us deemed that 3D printing is one of the most astonishing technologies ever created by man – brilliant individuals that is. And for others, they consider this as merely a trend that will get out of style.

But behind the ‘magical appeal’ and sheer awesomeness of 3D printing, there is REALLY a big chance that this innovation may improve our lives and make things easier for us in several big ways.

One of the best things about 3D printing is that you can print using more than hundreds of assorted materials. You can use ABS plastic, PLA, silver, polyamide (nylon), stereolithography materials (epoxy resins), titanium, glass filled polyamide, steel, wax, polycarbonate and photopolymers and a lot more.

This technology has the capacity to create prosthetics for limbs, organs or any body parts necessary for medical purposes – to name a few amazing benefits. You may say that it’s unthinkable… but it is possible!

There are several big brands (such as Nokia, eBay, top automotive companies) that are currently using 3D printing technologies. We believe that thousands of companies will be utilizing this sophisticated technology anytime soon.

But focusing on 3D printing prosthetics, additive manufacturing has helped thousands and thousands of people with its capabilities. doctors, engineers, scientists, and regular people who are interested in 3D printing have also created and shared their knowledge to make everything happen.


Whether it is an arm, leg, finger, a part of the face, an ear, 3D printing prosthetics would surely help the person complete his or her body part. Not only that but it is much more comfortable, adjustable, and less expensive.

Knowing How Stuff Works

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a realistic fully-detailed 3D model of the human respiratory system while teaching your students about the human body (Rather than using the normal digital images)?

Not only you can describe and illustrate the subject on a cool perspective, but it will also draw more interest from your listeners. You can afford and easily and create physical 3D models for a wide selection of applications – fast.

and at last, it is happening. Though not as widely as we want it to be, it is starting. In the Philippines though, it is not that much used. But we can assure you that this country will follow suit. 3D printing technology in the medical industry will take over the traditional way of doing things. We hope that it can help the country, especially in rural areas where help is hard to come by.

With 3D printed, they would just make their own equipment and instrument and need not wait for days, weeks, months, for it to come.

3D2GO Is Here

Here at 3D2GO, we 3D print medical models, prosthesis, and many other things that are related to the science field. We are also selling printers. Contact us now to get one!