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Industry News: Bioink, Pods, Telescope, Investments, And Anatomical Models

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3D Printed Telescope From Sandia National Laboratories

Sandia National Laboratories newest and the latest project involved a 3D printed telescope that wowed people. However, this piece was not made like how other big 3D printed things are.

First of all, the lightweight, ground-based telescope was 3D printed in a short amount of time, only about a third of the time that a manufactured telescope would have taken to be built. Moreover, it is cheaper than most of the telescopes. It was made with less precise 3D printed parts together using precise tools.

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Stem Cell Bioink Makes 3D Printed Human Corneas Possible

3D printed corneas that are made from human stem cells and bioink will be the answer to corneal scarring and other eye problems concerning the particular part.

A research team from Newcastle University in the UK has experimented on it and successfully 3D printed a human cornea. Abigail Isaacson, a Ph.D. student from the Institute of Genetic Medicine; Dr. Stephen Swioklo; and Che J. Connon, Professor of Tissue Engineering, the researchers, have 3D printed the first human corneas. It is in their paper titled “3D Bioprinting of a Corneal Stroma Equivalent,” in the journal Experimental Eye Research this month.

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Walden Monterey Community Introduces 3D Printed Pods

There is a 609-acre of land that will be used for building “agrihood” community. The developer, Nick Jekogian, and design studio DFA are thinking of building 3D printed pods in there for rich millennials.

However, the 3D printed pods are only temporary. DFA named the temporary structures ‘Galina Sleeping Pods’. The tiny pods are only 300 square feet in size. They are expensive and one pod cost as much as $250,000. The 3D printed pods are solar powered. But there are also other renewable energies like wind turbines and Tesla batteries.

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BIOMODEX and INTAMSYS Complete Funding Rounds

Earlier this week, BIOMODEX has announced that its target money for the funding of their latest endeavor has been reached!

It has completed a $15 million round of financing led by Idinvest Partners. Other participants were InnovAllianz and longstanding shareholders LBO France and Inserm Transfert Initiative. BIOMODEX is a startup company based in Boston and Paris. It is a medical technology company that helps surgeons prepare for procedures with 3D printed anatomical models.

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Detailed 3D Printed Anatomical Models

Highly detailed MRI and CT scans can now be 3D printed!

However, there are limitations. Since the technology is so advanced, the pictures are really detailed, if everything is 3D printed, it might not be accurate. But, with the new 3D printing technique from a collaborative research team has made a way for these medical scans to easily become 3D printed models, plus it will be much cheaper.

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