3d printed prosthetics

3D2GO is a global 3D printing company with a social mission to improve the lives of people in need.

June 27, 2022

3D Printed Cast for Your Injured Children

Most of the time, kids get themselves in trouble. Good thing there is 3D technology. Children’s nature is to be hyper active, especially around their friends. […]
May 20, 2022

Achieving The Perfect Prosthetic Face

What is craniofacial prosthesis? Think of a facial prosthesis in the same way you think of special effects make-up. A prosthesis is an artificial replacement for […]
May 2, 2022

3D Prosthetics: The Future of Prosthetics

‘Heard about artificial face parts to go? It’s kind of unlikely. However, just like your favorite beverages; ear, nose, and eye prosthetics can be produced as […]
June 18, 2022

The Different Types of 3D Printed Prosthetics

Versatile. Groundbreaking. Functional. These are the words that perfectly describe the features of 3D printing technology. These attributes are the same reason why this technology is […]
June 25, 2022

Choosing The Perfect Prosthetic Limbs

There are many things that need consideration when getting a prosthetic limb. It is not like a walk in the park and buying a fresh juice […]
June 12, 2022

3D Printed Prosthetics: Giving Patients A Hand in Improving the Quality of Life

The future of replacement limb technology is now within your reach! If you are one of the millions of physically unique individuals around the world that […]
May 5, 2022

3D Printed Cast Vs. Traditional Cast

3d printed arm cast vs. traditional plaster casts The appeal for 3D-printed casts isn’t based on hype alone. They are thin, breathable, customizable, waterproof, easily removable, […]
June 5, 2022

3D Modeling Techniques For Prosthetics-Making

There are different 3D modeling techniques that can be used for different applications. There are techniques like NURBS modeling that is mainly used for automotive and […]
June 1, 2022

Modern Prosthetics: An Amputee’s New Friend

Modern prosthetics, backed by the latest available technologies and researches, help people gain immediate recovery from sudden amputation. These people, the majority of whom are victims […]
August 31, 2022

Prosthetics For The Developing World Made Possible By 3D Printing Technology

The widespread use of prosthetics for the developing world may still seem like a blurred reality. Why is this so? In countries where resources are scarce […]
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