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Trends That Will Shape 3D Printing for 2018

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Trends That Will Shape 3D Printing for 2018
3D printing trends 2018

The past year was ultra exciting for the entire 3D printing industry. In fact, experts regard 2017 as its most successful year yet. This holds true for numerous companies, including 3D printer operators and manufacturers. During that year, more 3D printers were sold than any other year. But while many 3D printer operators and manufacturers are thriving, there are those that are having a hard time catching up.

This 2018, however, things are set to change for the better. The fact that more and more companies and individuals are getting their hands on 3D printers does not come as a surprise. Among them are people who have purchased 3D printers for home use.

With these printers getting more affordable, it is expected that this year, home 3D printing will be more prevalent than ever before. As more designers and other professionals use 3D printers for work, there will also be more regular people who will purchase 3D printers for personal use.

Obviously, 3D technology is continuously evolving. We at 3D2G0 believe that this year will pave the way for more startups that would want to capitalize on 3D technology trends. On that note, here is a list of 3D printing trends to watch out for this year:

Increased Number of Applications

More companies, as well as industries, will discover how vital 3D printing can be for their business. In terms of materials, metals will be used more extensively in addition to plastics. Industries like automotive and aerospace will find this most beneficial. But in general, businesses will find it easier to integrate 3D printing into their operations.

Research on printing bio-compatible materials will continue in the healthcare industry. Experts are looking forward to more advancements facilitated by 3D technology in the medical field. Of course, this is just the tip of an iceberg. As the technology matures, people will discover additional uses and benefits.

More Advanced Printers

This one is inevitable. The transformative power of 3D printing will be more evidenced by the continuous advancement of the machines. Apart from printers, the software will be more specialized. Manufacturers will try to outclass each other in improving their products. Ultimately, the consumers will benefit greatly.

Industrial Automation

All innovations and advancements will speed up the entire 3D printing process. They are expected to drastically reduce costs and production times. Moreover, with additive manufacturing not relying too much on manual intervention, a sound production system can guarantee speed and traceability. Processes will further accelerate and product designs will vastly improve.

The Rise of Metal 3D Printing

New technologies and improvements will surface for the fast-growing field of metal 3D printing. While it may not totally replace traditional printing, it will become a highly developed complimentary manufacturing technology that will solve various operational challenges and create more complex products.

Let us share with you more about 3D printing trends for 2018. Contact us up at your most convenient time and we will be happy to shed light on anything.