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Modern prosthetics, backed by the latest available technologies and researches, help people gain immediate recovery from sudden amputation.

These people, the majority of whom are victims of vehicular accidents, calamities (e.g., fire or earthquake), or diseases (e.g., diabetes), have a bright life waiting ahead of them. Aside from the physical damage, the accident has caused them, it can also affect them emotionally and psychologically. Living a normal life becomes a task; it steals them the ability to enjoy the activities they love doing.

But through the help of modern prosthetics, going back to their normal is easier.

What’s with modern prosthetics?

Prosthetic limbs are the lifeguards of amputees. It helps restore some of the capabilities of the lost limb. Unlike the prosthetics made during the ancient times, today’s version becomes more efficient.

But how exactly do modern prosthetics differ from the traditionally-made ones?

Advanced science and technology.

Because of the curious and ever-exploring minds of humans, they continue to seek answers to questions in the universe. Traditionally-made prosthetics takes a lot of time to create. Additionally, it can hardly imitate the natural movements of the missing limbs.

Modern prosthetics, on the other hand, are reaching greater heights. Although it cannot rival the functionality of biological limbs yet, it is already making some noise because each day, it becomes increasingly similar to real limbs. There are versions of modern prosthetics that can be connected to nerves, allowing an amputee to control it and use it as the real body part. It works with the help of electronic technologies which enables an automatic adaptation to certain bodily functions like gripping or walking.

Bionic Arm

Some amputees distaste prosthetics because it makes them look like a robot. But with the advent of bionic arm, this concern will be out of the picture.

A bionic arm is the upgraded version of a prosthetic. A product of scientific intelligence, it is designed to function like a real human arm.

Still, in its development stage, it is expected to benefit a lot of people especially those who were victims of sudden amputation.

An efficient process of making modern prosthetics

3D printing is one of the technologies that many researchers use today to speed up the process of making modern prosthetics. This is helpful to people who immediately want to recover their lost limbs and start again.

Through 3D scanning, it is easier to create a design that perfectly fits the amputee. Modeling it is also done digitally which allows an easier and faster modification in case there is an issue with the original design. This is also highly-customized so the patient won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it. Most importantly, it is cheaper compared to other processes, ensuring that many people can be given a chance to have their own prosthetic limbs.

In the Philippines, one of the companies known for 3D printing prosthetic limbs is 3D2GO. Through the years, we have handled various cases which already helped people live a normal life again. If you want to know more about our services, contact us now!