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3D Printing Service: Imagination Is Your Limitation

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February 19, 2021
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What to Look for a 3D Print Online Service In The Philippines?
February 21, 2021
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3D Printing Service: Imagination Is Your Limitation
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Things You Can Do With A 3D Printing Service


3D printing service sounds intimidating for some. Impossible things to print were made possible via a 3D printer. Good thing with this kind of service is it is also available here in the Philippines. Different industries in the country continuously take advantage of additive manufacturing. 

Additive Manufacturing is applicable in the fields of:

  • Dentistry
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Engineering;
  • And so much more

3D Printing Service Near Me


3D2Go is considered a pioneer in the Philippines 3D industry. Unlike the tacky and situated in a warehouse kind of store. 

3D2Go amps it up with a hole-in-the-wall kind of kiosk. As you can find its stores in a major mall. It also offered a direct-to-customer approach.

This business model lets the customer have a direct control with their 3D prints. 3D2Go has experts for everything 3D. Customers can work with them to achieve the design they have in mind. 

3D2Go staff are well-versed with the latest 3D design softwares and techniques. Their 3D printing capabilities are also top-notch as they use standard and latest 3D printers available in the country. 


3D Printing Price For B2C


What’s good with this service is it is reasonable. Things to consider when comparing prices is the quality of the final prints. Plus the scale and size of your desired output. As well as the materials they will use to achieve your intended 3D prints. 

Another to factor in is the essence of customization. These 3D prints are not for anyone. It is exclusive to you alone or your intended recipient. It has a sense of individuality and uniqueness that cannot be quantified. 


3D Printing Price For B2B


For the business side, 3D printing price is lower compared to traditional manufacturing. Just for a product design that has to undergo tons of design changes before it can hit the shelves or for presentation. 

Traditional manufacturing has to factor in prototyping and tooling change, mold design and setup, setup fees, and minimum order quantities to the total costs. Which are mostly pricey. Additive manufacturing eliminates all of these factors. 

You can 3D print your design with just a CAD model. Design changes and prototyping is also easy as you can adjust the CAD or 3D design. This also offers flexibility on your end. As you can adjust the design and can even test out its functionality. 


Plastic Printing Service 

3D printing service in the country uses plastic-based feedstock to 3D print. Common and widely-used in the Philippines is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polylactic Acid (PLA Plastic). 

ABS is a tough plastic and good for wear and tear condition as it is durable. It can withstand everyday chemicals and scratches. 

PLA Plastic is biodegradable and perfect for projects with beautiful colors. It also has high heat resistance. 


3D2GO Is Your Top Pick for 3D Printing Service

As a pioneer in the 3D printing scene in the Philippines, we maintain our stance to offer high quality 3D prints. Be it for your personal enjoyment or for business projects. We offer a wide range of services. From 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D designing, 3D rapid prototyping, to 3D reverse engineering


Contact us today and we are glad to be of help!