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3D Printing Service Manila For Your Fur Babies

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3D Printing Service Manila For Your Fur Babies
3D Printing Service Manila For Your Fur Babies

3d printing services philippines for your fur babies

There are a plethora of uses for 3D printing. One that can reap a surprisingly high reward is making awesome toys and accessories for your furry little friends! 

Just think about the shelves upon shelves of random plastic parts that fill out your local pet store. All of that is possible and more with a desktop 3D printer. Or you can see some of the best 3D printers on the market that you can use for your DIY pet toys:

Flashforge Creator Pro II 

  • Has two extruders that support dual-color printing.
  • Its enclosed chassis helps protect your printing against cold and heat from the external environment.

Snapmaker Original 

  • Suggested for newbies who want all functions. 3D printer, laser engraving, and CNC cutting. 
  • A 3-in-1 3D Printer that includes laser engraving and CNC cutting. 


Materials of a 3d printing service near me ideal for pet toys

As you know that you can print toys and accessories for your pets such as dogs, cats, birds, etc, but it is recommended to use filaments that are safe.

A recent study conducted on safety-related questions states that almost all 3D printers of new generations are using non-toxic filaments with air purifying systems that are safe for all types of pets.

Polylactic Acid (PLA) ranks as one of the most popular materials for 3D printing, particularly FDM. PLA is also one of the most environmentally-friendly 3D printing materials and, unlike ABS, is biodegradable. Among other PLA advantages are also its low cost and a wide assortment of colors and blends. 

The material properties of PLA make it more suitable for applications where look and form are more important than strength and durability. Therefore, the best applications for PLA are items such as your pet toys.


According to a 3d printing shop philippines, what are other useful pet finds that can be 3D printed?

Sometimes we just want something useful for our fur babies. But the market does not have it anywhere. Maybe you can find them here or be inspired by them to have your own ideas 3D printed.

Portable Bowl & Water Bottle Carrier

Keep your dog hydrated with this bottle carrier that can be doubled to be made like a bowl. 

Dadhoc, the designer speaks, of how he had a 3D print dog toy on his profile at Thingiverse.

He designed this specifically to work with 16.9oz Poland Spring bottles which is one of the more ubiquitous water bottles around his neck of the woods.

The paw prints that he saw kept it from rolling around whenever set down, but he usually held it in his hand while using it. So he included a version without the paw prints but a little matching with the cap so that people know it’s the dog’s bottle.

Poop Bag Barrel

How else could you make the joyless task look joyful? The answer to this question is, by making it creative. Poop barrel is an ideal way to store those necessary doggie bags.

Not only does it easily attach to a leash or slide into a jacket pocket, but also it brings a little fun to an otherwise joyless task.

The design of this dog toy shouldn’t be too complicated to print. However, it is recommended by the designer to use a printer with overhangs, then no supports are needed.

Rosetylerr designed this and it’s out there on Thingiverse for you to download it. Do it and make the task interesting, which is boring.


Have more creative designs for your pets? Get in touch with us by sending us files in .obj or .stil format in our email address management@my3d.com.ph.  You can also reach us through our Facebook and Instagram pages today!