3D Printer Philippines Trends for 2021

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Is 3D Printer Price Philippines Affordable?
February 5, 2021
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3D Printer Philippines Trends for 2021
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2021 Trends of 3D Printers Philippines


3D Printer Price Philippines

3D printing is known for its various applications across industries. From manufacturers to enthusiast and hobbyists, 3D printers are becoming an essential tool. 

E-commerce sites offer these 3D printers in the Philippines. Anyone can get a hand to such an amazing tool. To transport ideas is now even more possible. 


Top 3D Printers Available in the Philippines

In the Philippines, a 3D printer price ranges from Php30,000. This is perfect for beginners and hobbyists. While sophisticated ones usually cost Php200,000 which are good for handling larger 3D print jobs production. 


Creality CR-10S

This roughly costs Php30,000. This is perfect for beginners. For enthusiasts who are still new in 3D printing. 

This 3D printer can print on filaments available in the market. Such as ABS and PLA. 


Flashforge Creator Pro II

Its price range starts from Php70,000. This is good for printing complex models or objects. Especially 3D models with more color requirements. It also has an enclosed feature. 

This helps protect your 3D model from environmental factors such as heat and cold. This works best for ABS filament. 


Dremel DigiLab 3D20

Price range starts from Php75,000. This 3D printer boasts compact design. Enough to put on a small desk like a normal printer. 

Most user-friendly on this list, it is compatible with Mac and PC. It also has a full color LCD touchscreen where you can adjust settings accordingly. 


Ultimaker 2+ 

Meant for all around 3D prints, this 3D printer costs roughly Php165,000. This is compatible with ABS, PLA, and even nylon materials. Its nozzle is interchangeable so you can switch depending on your 3D design.

From faster 3D print quality to intricate details, this can deliver. 


Ultimaker 2 Extended

The most expensive one in this list as it costs more than Php200,000. This 3D printer is made for large size format 3D printing. It also has interchangeable nozzles meant for 3D printing intricate details of an object. With its capabilities, no wonder it is perfect for printing 3D architectural models. 


3D Printing Services Philippines Various Applications

3D printing can be considered to cater a certain niche in the country. Like people with ideas on how to maximize this amazing innovation. 

However, times are changing. The general mass is more exposed to the beauty of 3D printing. At the same time, there are progressive and growing 3D service providers in the country. 

3D printing services in the Philippines differ from companies who offer this service. Some only 3D prints, some offer 3D scans, then some caters 3D design. 

Industries that can maximize 3D printing services:

  • Dentistry

  • Medical

  • Education

  • Architecture

  • Automotive

  • Engineering


3D Printer Price PH Projection

More people recognize the practical application of 3D printers. This enthusiasm reflects on the demands to have affordable yet quality 3D printers. Industry experts claim that continued demand from wider consumers will translate into higher needs for 3D printers in the country. 

This will in turn populate the market with 3D printers. From cheap to mid-range 3D printers. Which can result in a much lower price range than what is available in the market.

In 3D2GO, you can 3D print your ideas into life. Or print one yourself. Contact us today to learn more!