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Cost of A 3D Printer and Is It 3D Printing Services-Worthy?

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Cost of A 3D Printer and Is It 3D Printing Services-Worthy?
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3D printers are affordable than ever, especially for people who wants to offer 3D printing services


Thanks to the open source community and the boom of affordable tech, 3D printing services are now more accessible than ever. Not to mention, 3D printers themselves. 

More and more people from designers, engineers, inventors, and even hobbyists gravitate towards the endless possibility a 3D printer can offer.

To get a 3D printer is not a walk in the park. E-commerce made it easy to get your hands on this sleek and professional machine. However, this does not negate the fact that getting your own 3D printer is quite a feat. 


Why 3D Printer Cost Way Higher Than Initial


As more experts say that 3D printing services are not just a mere hobby. Let alone blindside you from the fact this lets you create awesome structure and objects. Not to mention, provide the freedom of creativity.

Yet the dreaded question often people ask is, how much does a 3D printer cost? In general for consumers and hobbyists,it starts costing from $200 to $3000 this 2021. While for industrial use it ranges from $10,000 to even millions.

Pretty expensive if you must think, especially when  you realize the “ink” or the filament is often not included in these estimates. 

While it all depends on how you will use it, it is best not to expect to get returns on your initial investment right away.

3D printing services or even just a hobby can be expensive. This is due to the total costs between the 3D printer itself, software, post-processing and the 3D printing material which could overwhelm users. 

There are various ways you can get your 3D printer from FDM, SLA, SLS etc. FDM and SLA are the most accessible to the everyday user. As these machines and its materials are often much lower than their counterparts. But then again, it still depends on your projects and frequency of use. 

Furthermore, beyond the initial cost of the 3D printer, you have to take into account the materials you will be using. Depending on the materials, you may also need to invest in adhesives. This is to minimize the warping and other issues during the printing process. 


Factors That Are Often Overlooked By Consumers


Consumers who first delve into the idea of 3D printing services or the whole 3D phenomenon often overlook these important factors. These are the following:

There is a steep learning curve

It is a fact and must not be ignored when you are thinking of buying your own 3D printer. It takes a long time to learn this technology. Often, these are the common things you must be aware of in order to maximize its potential.

  • Knowledge of electronics for troubleshooting
  • Fair skill on computers to learn 3D printing software

There are processes involved aside from printing

3D printing involves mapping, drafting, designing, modifying, and then printing. The process is a bit longer than most enthusiasts expected. 

Thus they are often overwhelmed with these processes which may lead to disappointment. Especially once you spend your money on the 3D printer. 

Sure there are websites where you can download OBJ or STL files to print, such as Thingiverse. However, this includes modifications in a 3D CAD software to match your specifications and 3D printer’s capabilities.

There are maintenance and operational factors

To manage a 3D printer setup is a challenge on its own. This is because you need your own dedicated and significant space for it. Also, you also need a different place to store lots of filaments. 

In addition to that, the smell during the printing process can mess up the room. As well as noise pollution. 


6 Things To Keep In Mind Before You Invest Into A 3D Printer


Whether buying a 3D printer is a worthy investment or cost effective is subjective. It is good to note these following things to ensure you can get the best experience once you choose to buy one.

1. You also invest your time in your 3D printer

Be it for your own satisfaction or to provide small scale 3D printing services. Aside from an avenue for your creativity, this machine offers you to learn material science and troubleshooting techniques. Which all improves overtime. 

2. Expect failure on your 3D prints

3D printing is not a safety net against failed prints. While there are many ways to reduce failures, you must admit that it is inevitable at some point. Especially when you are a beginner in using your own machine. However, it gets better with consistent use and reworks.

3. Join the 3D printer community

There are various groups in social media where beginners, hobbyists, and even professionals converge to share knowledge about the 3D printing phenomenon. People who are more often generous and happy to help you in your journey. 

4. Learn how to 3D model

There are free websites where you can get your files to 3D print. Yet the beauty of a 3D printer is the creative freedom it can offer. Thus you must have the drive to learn how to use 3D modelling software. This way, you can maximize your machine’s potential and expand your creativity.

5. Printing is slow

While newer versions of 3D printers promise reduced time in the printing process. This is not always the case for beginner printers. There are also other ways to reduce it but often at the cost of print quality. That is why it is best to give time on quality then work on printing times. 

6. Calibrating the 3D printer can be tedious

The DIY aspect is often the reason why people get into 3D printers and this is often good at the very beginning. However, you must factor in that in order to calibrate your 3D printer to suit your needs, this is necessary to create successful prints. 


Buying A 3D Printer Seems Overwhelming? 3D2GO Philippines Got You Covered


If you think you are ready to buy a 3D printer, you can get the best ones from us. We offer 3D printers that are perfect for beginner and mid-level users to satiate your 3D printing needs. 

Sounds too expensive? We also provide 3D printing services to print whatever your project is. Aside from that, we also offer 3D scanning, 3D Designing, 3D Reverse Engineering, and 3D Rapid Prototyping.

3D2GO Philippines is your one-stop shop when it comes to your 3D printing needs. We offer the best and top quality prints at a reasonable timeframe and costs. 

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