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Factors of 3D Printing Services That Creates New Business Models

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Factors of 3D Printing Services That Creates New Business Models
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3D printing services encourage the creation of these new business models


3D printing services have provided transformative effects on various business models or technically creating new ones at that. 

Premium quality 3D printing services thrive due to its ever-changing capacities such as affordable 3D printers, innovative technologies that suit enthusiasts and industry leaders, and provides more customer-centric options among others.


Factors of 3D Printing Services that Creates New Business Models


In general, 3D printing has narrowed the gap between manufacturers and the market, as if removing the middlemen in the process. 3D printing services have been proven to improve the time to market factor for a product to hit the market shelves. 

Such factors led to these recurring themes in premium quality 3D printing services. Which in turn became opportunities for these following business models.

1. Mass Customization

Customer-centric and co-creation between companies and customers is a major factor when it comes to 3D printing services for businesses. The same is also true on the other side of the spectrum, the 3D printing for consumers/end-users.

This factor provides a unique value to the creation or product as it is meant to suit the targeted market of the company. Also it shifts away the spotlight from the company as a mere provider and instead on the needs of the customers.

It emphasizes on the value of creation and not on profit alone. It also helps a competitive advantage whether you use 3D printing for businesses or 3D printing for consumers/end-users.

2. Crowdsourcing

This may be in relation to a better conversation or feedback system with your customers and stakeholders. 3D printing services encourage targeting of new markets and untested waters, no matter what the size.

3. On-demand Product Creation

It also allows your company or business to cater even for a small market without spending too much. This is possible through on-demand models. Where you only need to produce a product when there is a tangible consumer for it.

3D printing services allow you to produce only what you need. This improves better asset management and also reduces wastes. Also in premium quality 3D printing services, tooling is not required and lead times are much shorter than traditional manufacturing methods.

4. Rapid Prototyping

Production of any design’s proof of concept is now easier than ever, thanks to 3D printing services. As it allows project creation to be faster and more affordable unlike before. It also contributes in the modification processes and testing of functional prototypes. 

Adoption of 3D printing for businesses benefits your R&D process, saves time and money in getting better prototypes.

5. Supply Chain Optimization

Asset management and storage problems are often a problem for most businesses, especially for bigger ones and even small companies.

Larger companies often store parts they think they would need and thus take up space which often rots away. This means a loss on their assets and overall supply chain management.

3D printing services on the other hand improves production and allows business owners to rethink their supply chain management. As 3D printers only need a digital file for parts that you may need.

It encourages companies to switch to a digital inventory instead of the good old warehouse. This also allows modifications on the digital without sacrificing the original copy, modify and change as you go and as needed. 


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