5 Reasons Why Bobblehead is the Best Personal Gift for Any Occasion

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5 Reasons Why Bobblehead is the Best Personal Gift for Any Occasion
5 Reasons Why Bobblehead is the Best Personal Gift for Any Occasions

5 Reasons Why Bobblehead is the Best Gift for Any Special Occasions


Bobblehead is a figurine in which the head is generally over-sized compared to its body. Normally, resin and plastic are the materials for it.

There are wooden and ceramic bobbleheads. However, these materials are not advisable because of their subpar durability.

Usually, celebrities and influencers have a bobblehead version of themselves as a collection. But, you can also have an oversized version of your head attached to your miniature body. Some businesses offer bobblehead making.


Personalization of Bobbleheads

You can also personalize the wardrobe based on the setting and your hobby. You can put your oversized head to the body of a superhero.

They can also mimic your facial expression. The bobblehead is a combination of photo and the designer’s artistic exaggeration. Thus, you can put a “personality” on your bobblehead.

You can also use this as a gift for your loved ones. 


Occasions Where Bobblehead is the Best Gift

Admit it, some of us are busy. Sometimes, we tend to forget special occasions. 

And from time to time, we have to cram to look for the best presents. As a result, we settle for gifts we can get at the last minute.

Bobblehead can be your go-to gift for any occasion. Here are some of the occasions you can use this as a gift.

  • Birthday
  • New Year
  • Christmas
  • Valentines Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Anniversary

With this list, let us take a look at why a bobblehead is perfect for each occasion.


Bobblehead as Birthday Gift

Birthdays are one of the most memorable celebrations. It is the time when friends and relatives come together to celebrate your special day. The celebration is more often through birthday gifts, parties, and greeting cards.

Everyone wants to receive a gift on their birthday. Giving gifts is a tradition at birthday celebrations and parties.

Giving a personalized gift can be a memorable birthday present. This gives you a deeper connection with the birthday celebrant.

A bobblehead is one of the best-personalized gifts you can give to your loved ones. You can surprise them by designing it based on their favorite activities. Sending beautiful and lovely birthday gifts always brings you a rewarding feeling.


Bobblehead as Christmas Gift

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. We are all eager to give the best gifts to our loved ones. 

As we know, the Christmas season is not about giving extravagant gifts. Though, it is still a nice gesture to share your blessings with your friends and family members.

Most people love to do their shopping at the last minute. We can see jam-packed malls full of last-minute shoppers. However, this is not advisable, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.

You need to think ahead before sending someone a Christmas gift. A bobblehead is a genuine gift you can give to your loved ones. They will appreciate your effort in personalizing it. 

After all, the true essence of Christmas is about remembering the love of our lives.


Bobblehead as New Year’s Day Gift

After an exhausting Christmas gift-hunting, we will celebrate New Year’s Day. With this in mind, we are facing a serious problem. We are running out of ideas on what to give to our dearest friends.

The new year symbolizes a new beginning. So, try to look for gifts to encourage your friends to try new things. Like, for example, a bobblehead!

Some of you may ask, “Another bobblehead?”. Yes! But this time, you need to have a goal. Why don’t you customize your friend’s oversized head wearing a tutu? This can encourage her to sign up for a ballet class.

Or try to partner it with a gym buff body to encourage him to exercise and lose weight. There are infinite ideas you can create by personalizing the bobblehead.


Bobblehead as Valentines Day Gift

Love is in the air. Every February, couples are busy looking to buy gifts for their significant others. From flowers to romantic greeting cards, there are a lot of cliché options that you can choose from.

However, if you are looking for an IG worthy gift, you must think better. Some say that it’s the thought that counts. If that is the case, then make your creative idea matter.

Let your bobblehead make a move while you do all the talking. You can customize your bobblehead holding a flower bouquet for your girlfriend. 

For girls looking for ideas, try to customize it in the body of your boyfriend’s favorite character. Aside from the thoughts, this will also test how well you know your significant others.


Bobblehead as Mother’s Day Gift

Your mom has been by your side since day one. You put her through many teenage antics, tantrums, and adolescent problems. Thus, it is a must that you spoil her with something significant other than signature bags.

No one appreciates sentimental gifts like your mom. She loved to tell stories when you were young. However, your mom doesn’t want you to spend too much effort looking for a gift.

So, why not give her a bobblehead? It will be easy to customize it. Some companies offer end-to-end service, from designing to post-processing your bobblehead.

You can put your oversized head to a body wearing some clothes when you are young. Your mother will appreciate this kind of effort from you. At the same time, this will cement your status as your mom’s favorite child.


Bobblehead as Anniversary Gift

Anniversary is the best time to reminisce about all the memories you have with your partner since day one. Your journey as a married couple is full of ups and downs. However, this does not stop you from loving each other.

Sometimes, you have to express your love through words. Most of the time, you have to show it. But since you almost bought every possible gift for your partner, why not try to give him/her a bobblehead?

You can recreate the wedding dress you wore at your wedding. Or you can give her a bobblehead version of a happy couple. There are many ways to show your affection to your husband/wife.


Why Go for a Bobblehead?


As stated, bobbleheads are very flexible for every occasion. In case we still have not convinced you yet, here are some reasons why you should choose a bobblehead as a gift.


  1. Bobblehead Gifts Help in Expressing Unconditional Love

    One of the best ways to express your love is to give them a personalized gift. They will find it special since the item is made especially for them.

    A perfect example of a unique customized gift is a bobblehead. These gifts resonate with human emotion. In fact, it replicates an actual picture of the recipient.

    The reason why you give gifts in the first place is to spread and express love. Bobblehead will help with your intentions.


  2. They Make the Person Feel Special About Themselves

    Everyone likes the feeling of being important. During their special occasions, they love to be the center of attraction.

    Giving gifts provides this feeling to the recipient. Most especially if you made an effort to provide her with a one of a kind item. 

    Bobbleheads can do the magic for you. They will value this item as it reflects their personality. Aside from that, they will appreciate more a thoughtful bobblehead as a gift than basic gifts.


  3. They Help in Building Healthy Relationships

    This is the best reason for giving someone a bobblehead present. As stated, the bobblehead reflects the recipient’s hobby or desire. This means you have a deep connection with them as you know all of these.

    Personalized gifts bring out the best in people. It also shows how much they value being in a certain relationship. 

    An example is a personalized bobblehead. People cherish such efforts. As a result, you will have a stronger and healthier relationship.


  4. Bobbleheads are Unique in General

    Bobbleheads are always unique in their own way. As people differ, so do their bobblehead versions.

    With this in mind, there is nothing common with a bobblehead. There is always a new idea on how you want to customize it.

    You will never run out of designs. You can give another bobblehead for the same person and it will still be unique.


  5. They Last For a Lifetime

    In a figurative manner, gifts that are most appreciated tend to last longer. Most recipients take care of valuable things coming from their loved ones.

    But literally speaking, bobbleheads are durable. Most of the bobbleheads are made of resin and plastics. It ensures you that it will never break easily.

    People who give bobbleheads as a gift established a strong bond with the recipient. Thus, every item that they will give becomes important. Bobbleheads can also help in creating beautiful memories. It will be memorable if someone receives a bobblehead for the first time.


3D2GO is Your Bobblehead Destination

Now that we convinced you that bobbleheads are the “gift for all season”. 3D2GO offers many services to make your bobbleheads more special.

Our wide range of services includes:

There are limitless ideas we can do with your bobblehead. Contact us today and be amazed at the infinite ways to make your first bobblehead memorable!