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Where Can I 3D Print and Other Related Queries Answered

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Technologies For Your 3D Printer Philippines
May 1, 2021
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Where Can I 3D Print and Other Related Queries Answered
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Where Can I 3D Print For Engineering Purposes


Where can I 3D print is a question most commonly asked when talking about 3D printing. This is understandable as there are a few reputable places to 3D print in the Philippines. Because of this, the country is yet to maximize the 3D printing industry to its maximum potential. 


Public Perception About 3-Dimensional Printing in the Philippines



Public Perception


3D printing is locally known to create bobbleheads, Mini Me, cake toppers, figurines, and trinkets

Only good for hobbyists and 3D enthusiasts for personal satisfaction

Most of 3D printing companies in the country offers these services but that does not mean the only use of additive manufacturing technology

3D printing uses plastic filaments as its base material for its output/products

Plastic is not a good alternative for metals especially under extreme humidity

These plastic filaments are ABS and PLA that are known for its durability.

 It can withstand everyday wear and tear and tropical condition

While public perception is a valid point, it is also debatable. A good rule of thumb is talk to your service provider to achieve the best result you can get. 

What most people are missing is how 3D printing streamlines the finalization of a product design. Which business owners in the engineering sector can utilize to their advantage.


3D Printing Fabrication: Where Can I 3D Print?


There might be a few results if you ping 3D printing service near me in your search query. Also these 3D printing shops are not at all equal. The trick is to find a service provider that can offer your needed services from start to finish. 

For business owners, especially in the engineering industry, 3D printing is a powerful tool to deliver your services. To illustrate, there is a busted part of the machine you need to deliver services to your clients. Its part is no longer in production or to order it overseas is quite costly. 

You can 3D print the busted part to replace it in order to make your machine work again. The challenge here is the tension or humidity where the 3D printed parts will be used. This is all possible through 3D scanning of the still intact part and 3D print it to replicate that part. Which leads us to the next question.


3D Printing Fabrication: Where Can I 3D Scan?


3D scanning comes hand-in-hand when it comes to 3D printing. This is especially true when it comes to the engineering industry. Engineering contractors and subcontractors here in the Philippines are constantly challenged with scarcity of machine parts and unavailability. 

That is why 3D scanning is becoming a good alternative for their needs. 3D scanning is perfect to:

  1. Scan and create soft copies of old machines or tools that have expired warranty. 
  2. Create and replicate tools, jigs, or fixtures that are no longer produced or are only available in another country. 
  3. Create an elaborate soft copy of the parts or tools readable with most CAD software. 
  4. Archive and update existing CAD files of machines for repair purposes
  5. Reverse engineering purposes


3D Printing Fabrication: Where Can I 3D Rapid Prototyping?


As any engineering contractors and subcontractors, they solve problems or provide support to various industries and clients. This could involve creation of new tools or improvements to existing machines, jigs and fixtures. 

Most of the time, blueprints or 2D files for such purposes is not enough. Clients prefer something that is tangible and can show its utility and mechanism in real time.

That is why 3D rapid prototyping is becoming indispensable for the Filipino engineers and business owners to deliver quality services. This process enables the fast, quick, and cost-saving factors of creating prototypes.

Compared to traditional fabrication of prototypes that are costly and take up longer time to produce, rapid prototyping is a much better choice.

This is proven useful for client and investors presentation purposes. 3D rapid prototyping enables:

  1. Print parts or tools exactly as per specifications
  2. Creation of the object based on the engineer’s design, its utility and follows the exact mechanism
  3. Early detection of improvements in the fabrication cycle
  4. Detection of incompatibilities with the existing machine or for its intended use 


3D Printing Fabrication: Where Can I 3D Design?


This is in connection with what discussed above. Some may have 3D design files for their prototypes, some don’t. 3D designing offers better presentation of physical dimensions. 

Useful for:

  1. Improvements are made as early as possible. 
  2. Saves time and money, as you will only spend to 3D print the object in its perfection. 
  3. Viable option for client presentations of new or improved designs and tools 
  4. It can present files in all perspectives. Every dimension, nook and crannies are viewable.
  5. Offers more understanding and comprehension with the design even before holding the physical object. 


Places to 3D Print for 3D Printing Fabrication


As we have said before, there are 3D printing service providers here in the Philippines. Most are good for personal consumption or caters to 3D printing enthusiasts. While some may offer to small businesses but only for 3D printing.

For businesses that are involved in the engineering sector, it is not smart to look for different service providers for your different needs. That is why it is best to look for an end-to-end service provider. 

A 3D printing service provider that understands your requirements and can deliver all of your needed services. 


3D2GO Philippines For Your 3D Printing Fabrication


As the only end-to-end 3D printing service provider in the country, we offered our various services to the engineering industry. We understand your requirements and can deliver just that. 

We only use industry-grade 3D printers and 3D scanners in order to give you the best services. Reach us today for any of your fabrication requirements. Leave us a message or connect with us via our official Facebook page!