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3D2Go, as a company, do not only serve the public’s interest in 3D printing. We also make sure that those people who do not have clue about what 3D printing or additive manufacturing is will know what it is. We try to spread awareness and knowledge about 3D technology and its applications to many more places in the country.

Our recent endeavor was at the Systems Integration Philippines. On its 16th year, still serving its purpose of showcasing the latest emerging technologies and businesses that support them, the SIP event was another success.

SIP 2018

With over 100 attendees, both individuals and companies alike, the event accommodated not only the big corporations but also small-scale businesses. They help these companies introduce their latest products and services to their target market. Not only that but communicating and talking to other companies were also done in the event. Partnerships and potential clienteles were met and created.

3D2GO’s Goal At SIP 2018

Our CEO, Engr. Fred Chua had the chance to talk about 3D printing technology to the people who attended. He did not only introduce 3D printing itself but also 3D scanning, reverse engineering and other applications of 3D technology like in the architectural industry and fashion.

3D2GO president at SIP 2018

Mr. Chua also mentioned the benefits of 3D printing like customization and personalization. How it is at its peak and other industries are using it for their gain.


3D2GO president at SIP 2018

Our booth accommodated the interested people that come and ask about what we do. We showed them how 3D printing works and its step-by-step process. The staff also gave out some flyers and discount coupons to the attendees who went to our booth.

3D2GO at SIP 2018

3D2GO at SIP 2018

We were much honored to be part of this year’s Systems Integration Philippines event.  

If you want to know more about 3D printing or have a project you want to do or complete, just simply contact us!