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Useful Application Of 3D Printing In Housewares

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Useful Application Of 3D Printing In Housewares
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3D printing in housewares opens an avenue for creative yet innovative everyday items that are useful for home use

3D printers are now more accessible than ever. It is now past the manufacturing side and industrial use alone. Nowadays, 3D printing in housewares has become a global niche where 3D printing services have been proven useful. 

3D printing or additive manufacturing is the process where you can print 3-dimensional solid objects from a digital file called a 3D model. Its printing process involves layer-by-layer until completion of the desired objects.


Items You Can Get From 3D Printing Services

3D printing services can get you pretty much anything. Of course, this still depends on the 3D company’s capabilities and service delivery. You can get items from common to innovative household items, gadget’s accessories, and creative tools you never thought you needed. 

Here, we list the best objects you can get from 3D printing for house applications:


Gadget Accessories

1. Smartphone or Tablet Stand

Gadget stands do not have to be used for a single model alone. You can get a stand that can fit almost anything, from slim smartphones to wide tablets. You can use this 3D printed stand alone, or when you are charging your phone, or hand it on the wall. 

Now that video calling is rampant thanks to the pandemic, you can sit idly and comfortably talk to your loved ones with this simple yet innovative item. Plus point? You can customize it to your own liking to show your individuality. 

2. Smartphone Amplifier or Volume Booster

Want some loud music? You can get one with a DIY amplifier that you don’t have to charge or anything. This 3D printed amplifier can fit on your smartphone, no matter what size it may be. 

This is a dual purpose volume booster that can fill up the room with your favorite music and as a stand as well. Since this is not powered by Bluetooth, you can save your battery life too. 

3. Cable Savers

Nobody likes tangled wire that you have to undo every time you use it. Also, it can damage your cables in the long run without proper care. You can get 3D printing services to get your hands on these 3D printed cable savers that protect both ends of your cables. You can save yours from fraying and can also save up on buying cables.

4. Earphones Case

Earphone cables get tangled as well that could lead to damage. Keep it protected with spooled 3D printed earphones holder that will keep it tangle-free and in good shape. It is also compact so that you can easily stash it anywhere while ensuring it is still protected. 

5. USB Cable Holder

If you are one of those people that is used to USB cables lying around, you can put them into this 3D printed USB cable holder. Satisfy your inner organizing fairy with this to clear up your desk clutter of USB cables. 

6. Desk Cable Holder

One of the downsides of working from home, too many cables that clutter around your desk. Use this 3D printed desk cable holder that you can attach on the side of your desk to keep your “workplace” tidy all the time. 

7. AC Adapter Organizer

AC adapters also clutter your home, especially the ones that you don’t use often. It can also take up a huge portion in storage too. This is a smart way to keep them organized and keep them in good condition. You can also protect them from tangling with each other.

8. Parametric Battery Dispenser

Keep your AA or AAA batteries tidy and at one place with this 3D printed battery dispenser. You just need to fill this up to ensure you have enough supplies and hang them somewhere convenient in time of emergency. 

9. AA to C Battery Converter

If you need a C battery but you only got AA batteries at home, you don’t have to rush to the store and buy yourself one. You can use this 3D printed battery converter to utilize your AA battery as a C battery. This is a practical solution since their only difference is the size slot that this converter fixes in a snap. 

10. Blade Key

This nifty 3D printed bladekey will keep your keys organized. This is customizable in length, breadth, and width. This will make all your keys fit perfectly in this compact case. Say goodbye to jangling and messy keys in your pocket. 



11. Bag Clip

These bag clips will keep your chips and ingredients fresh even if you don’t have a canister for them. These 3D printed bag clips are easy to assemble and also come in longer 85mm and 125mm lengths. This will fit on any different types of bags. 

12. Citrus Juicer

This little kitchen tool makes it easier for you to make your natural citrus juice. There are filaments that are food safe that are often used for this 3D printed citrus juicer to ensure safety. Now you don’t have to hurt your hand trying to squeeze out every juice to spruce up your dishes and favorite drink.

13. Screw-on Bottle Juicer

This is a standard size 3D printed screw-on juicer that will fit any PET bottle worldwide. This will help you get the most out of your citrus fruits with less or no mess at all. Straight to the bottle for you to consume. 

14. Universal Bottle Opener

This simple yet helpful 3D printed bottle opener can open pretty much all kinds of bottles, minus the effort. This is extra helpful if you got stuck or too tight screw-top bottle caps. 

15. Coasters

Who wouldn’t want a personalized coaster for your mugs? You can customize these 3D printed coasters to suit your personality. It comes to various shapes and sizes as well. You can incorporate your own design into the CAD file and go for 3D printing services to do the rest and print it for you.

16. Measuring Spoons

Accuracy is crucial, whether for baking or cooking. Never miss even a single measuring instruction to your cooking with these 3D printed measuring spoons. You can get them in different measuring scales to ensure accuracy. 

17. Plastic Bag or Eco Bag Handle

Plastic bags and even eco bags can splice or hurt your hand when you carry a lot of them. Never mind that pain using this 3D printed bag handle. This can be form-fitted for your fingers for an even distribution of the weight making it more comfortable to carry around, even for heavy bags. 

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