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Use 3D Designing Services To Improve Your Product Packaging Design

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Use 3D Designing Services To Improve Your Product Packaging Design

Utilize 3D designing services to keep up with the ever changing product packaging design trends

3D designing services are crucial if you want to ride the trend of unique packaging designs that is taking the world by storm. It is a fact that product packaging design contributes to how your customers will perceive your product.

2D modeling techniques are no longer enough to achieve such demands. That is why a lot of companies, from startups to industry players opt to get 3D packaging & label design services

As it is proven to provide more flexibility in the design stage up to the creation of the product package itself. Also it helps create catchier or one-of-a-kind designs that attract more customers. This will help your brand and product to differentiate itself among vast competitors.


3 Questions To Ask Before You Get Package Design and Prototyping Services

Before anything else, you have to ask these questions to yourself before you ask for this service. This is for you to easily convey your requirements to the 3D artist or designers. 

1. What is the product?

This should give you a rough estimate for your design requirements. It means you have to determine your product, its size, what it’s made of, is it delicate and must be handled with care or the opposite. 


2. Who buys the product?

A packaging is not a mere temporary holder for your product. It also contributes to the overall branding. That’s why it must speak volume and appeal to your targeted customers. Knowing your market segment or the ideal customers contributes to how your packaging should be.


3. How do customers buy the product?

You have to identify where customers get your products, be it online, supermarket, or a small boutique, or a pop-up store. This is important because it will dictate the overall appearance and quality of the packaging design. 

You may need different variations that are still faithful to the overall design when it is on the supermarket shelf, sturdy box when you have to ship it, or unique packaging to stand out in boutiques or pop-up stores.


Benefits of Package Design and Prototyping Services 

To create a unique product branding has to be sustainable and faithful to your business. This means your packaging has to act as an advertiser as well. But what benefits can you get from this type of service?


Tickles the sense of touch

Packaging is not all about what your customer can see, it is also about what they feel, literally and figuratively. In fact, touch and emotions play an important factor whether they will buy your products or not.

In 3D designing services, you can add tactile elements to further pique your customer’s sense of touch. Be it in the form of raised letters and images. 

Attracts Buyers

When you know your ideal customers, you have to consider the elements that will attract their attention. Well-designed product packaging means more encouragement for them to buy your products. That is why it must reflect your product and your brand as a whole.


Add elements to your products

You can ask your 3D artist to add real 3D elements in the package design. This could be in the form of usable trinkets or toys for kids if you cater for one, or create the box itself in accordance to the shape of the product itself.


Perks up the interior

There are no limitations when it comes to 3D packaging designing services. That is why you can explore a lot of design possibilities to suit your product, brand, and will satisfy your customers. 


Create packages that stands outs

3D designing softwares has various tools and vectors that an excellent 3D designer can use to bring your concept into a tangible creation. 


Ability to upcycle packaging

Packaging design is important to encourage your customers to reuse them. This means constant exposure of customers to your brand. This is possible by adding value to your packaging that encourages upcycling. 

Aside from marketing boost, they will also perceive your brand as environmentally-conscious and you can also help in waste reduction.


Reasons to Improve Your Package Design Today

Consumers are getting smarter and as a business owner, you must ride the trend and be ready to satisfy their needs. Here are the reasons why you should get 3D packaging & label design services, if you haven’t.


Social media is the new promotions arena

Content creation aside from brand sponsored ones often encourage buyers to buy certain products. This is through social  media influencers and the unboxing trend. Influencers in various platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, etc have become an important avenue to market. 

Packaging is the first thing these influencers show to their followers and often comment a lot on it. A good packaging design will set your product as unique. Of course it doesn’t have to stop on PR packages alone. 


Capitalize on sustainability

A lot of consumers are becoming more mindful when it comes to consuming products. 

This means a lot of people are looking at environmentally-conscious brands and you can be one of them. You can create sustainable packaging solutions through the help of a reliable partner that provides 3D packaging designing services.


Spotlight on health and safety

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic heightened health and safety concerns for consumers worldwide. 

This means a  lot of consumers disinfect product packaging than before even though there is no evidence the virus will spread through it. Still this is a changing time and you must keep up with these legitimate concerns. 


3D2GO Philippines Provides the Best Package Design and Prototyping Services

As the pioneer of 3D printing and other related 3D services, we are an end-to-end service provider that continuously serves various industries for any 3D services requirements. 

Aside from 3D designing services, we also offer 3D scanning, 3D rapid prototyping, and 3D reverse engineering. 

3D2GO Philippines is also the regional distributor of these 3D printers, 3D scanners, and 3D accessories. 

Contact us today and let us create the best product package design that showcases what kind of brand you are!