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3D Printing and the Automotive Industry

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3D Printing and the Automotive Industry
steering wheel of car
Are you looking to restore your old car? But you don’t know where to find the spare parts you need?

Do you want to customize your car so that you can install that cool stereo?

Do you have some unique ideas to personalize your motorcycle? Yet no one seems to care?

We understand how troublesome finding the right partner to make your ideas happen. 

Good thing that you have 3D technologies by your side.

3D or 3-Dimensional means many things to different sectors. Like for example, in gaming, 3D usually refers to its graphic. The more high-end the graphic is, the more immersive the experience will be. In movies, they use 3D to have the viewers see the film in an almost interactive way.

3D in business refers to technologies that can print real 3 dimensional objects. These items usually came from computerized templates and concepts, printed out by hi-tech printers.

So it is not an understatement when we say that 3D can help you make your dream car. It is a revolutionizing technology that can transform ideas into reality. 

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is the process of printing physical objects via printers and computers.

The process starts with your imagination. Once you put your concept to a digital file with 3D software or device, you can print the 3D design using 3D printers.

It sounds so simple that way. But 3D printing requires an intensive review of measurements and design.  It is unlike printing on paper where everything is flat. That is why we hire and train personnel to overlook and be critical with the printing process.

This flexibility to do any projects you desire is the main reason why the demand for the service is high. That's also one of the reasons why businesses look for ways to partner with a 3D printing business.

The 3D Scene in the Philippines

3D services are popping left and right. This is because 3D printing is a revolutionizing technology. 

It has introduced the people to a new ground of advancement. And the more that they become knowledgeable with its capacity. The more innovative the products can get.

Almost all businesses can print 3D objects

Most large companies, like Shell and Honda, are now using 3D printing technology. They use it to make prototypes, design, and construction of equipment. The only limit to 3D printing is your imagination.

Given the fact that people are looking to personalize and customize their products. 3D services value is more vital than ever. 

3D's impact to the Automotive Industry

3D has become a key player in the industry because of its innovative application. It's unique process is ideal for manufacturing and/or designing cars. Hence, 3D is an essential tool for automakers.

Designers and engineers use the technology to build actual examples of their vision. They create prototypes of the vehicle they want and use it as the basis of functionality.

Manufacturers enlist a 3D business to reproduce spare parts for a cheaper cost. Enthusiasts and suppliers scour to find a 3D service partner to make their ideas come true.

There are a lot of ways how 3D printing changes how we look at vehicles. It's actually one of the main reasons why there is a big change in the industry.

Decades before the boom of 3D printing in the Philippines. Automakers use 3D technologies to create samples to check their form and fit. Allowing many manufacturers to combine aesthetic and efficiency.

Though some say that the downside of 3D printing is durability, it compensates with its many usages.

There is no discounting the fact that 3D printing is a game-changer in the industry. According to the Global Automotive Motor Market projection. The market will reach USD 25,719 million by 2025 from USD 20,321 million in 2020. That is a huge leap considering that the industry suffered a loss during the pandemic.

As for the Global Auto Parts and Accessories Industry projection. The industry will reach $2.3 Trillion by 2027 from US$1. 9 Trillion in the year 2020. This only means that the competition for the market is very high right now and a part of the reason is 3D printing.

Businesses are now looking to 3D print spare parts and accessories. Because some customers are more encouraged to personalize their vehicles during the pandemic.

Even more so, according to Machine Design. The consumption of 3D printing materials by the industry will reach $530 Million by 2021. Meaning more people trust 3D printing and its capabilities.

In essence, 3D printing is the future of the world. It is now an important agent in shaping the society.

Why should you 3D print car parts and accessories?

Since we already established the importance of 3D printing and what you can do with it. Let me share to you 3 reasons why you should consider 3D printing your car parts and accessories:

  1. 3D helps with the fast and easy replacement of spare parts 
This is one of the major reasons why 3D is sought after by many car owners. 3D technologies help in creating your desired spare parts.

If some parts of the vehicle get broken, it’s always a struggle to replace them. Sometimes, automotive stores don't have that certain piece. And some other times the car manufacturer doesn't produce that part anymore. Case in point, old cars whose parts do not exist anymore.

What we can do is to combine 3D scanning and additive manufacturing to print your needed car part. Using our 3D technologies, we can help you reproduce rare spare parts. We can even optimize them to make them more efficient and unique.

Other car manufacturers are using this technique as well to revive classic cars. And build new ones. We are talking about big companies like Jaguar, Porsche, and BMW.

Though 3D printed items have its limitations. It's important to talk to your 3D service partner to have a better understanding of what you can and can't do.

  1. 3D can make your car lighter and more fuel-efficient
Choosing to 3D print parts and accessories, you are reducing the weight of your vehicle by 40%. This applies to your motorcycle and bicycle as well.

Plus a lighter car means more fuel efficiency. This is because it uses less fuel. That also means you're being eco-friendly. By consuming less fuel you are reducing the atmosphere's carbon dioxide and monoxide. 

  1. 3D helps in personalizing car designs
When we say "personalizing", we are not only talking about colors and add-ons. 

We are talking about giving your car the personality like human people. Your car represents your identity. A clean looking and well-polished car gives an impression of a well-respected owner. And an expensive-looking car makes you look like a superstar.

The vehicles we drive are not about how small or big it is. Or what model it is. It's about how appealing it looks to the public. And what impression it leaves on them.

But the mistake that an average car owner does is to focus on changing the exterior of the car. That means changing its color, window tint, and light. The thing is, changing the exterior of the car doesn’t necessarily make it different from others. If you think of it, the car's make, model, and look of the vehicle are the same as every other vehicle on the road.

With 3D technology, you can create prototypes and designs to make your car your own. We can also 3D print your desired design that you think will make you unique from other cars with the same model. 

Imagine designing the whole frame and body of your car. Installing more entertainment consoles that may make it look like a luxury car.

You can talk to us about your ideas.

Here in 3D2GO, we offer end-to-end full-service from scanning to prototyping and printing. We guarantee a top-quality end product.

3D2Go is your only one-stop-shop for everything 3D printing in the Philippines. We provide 3D printing solutions to anyone in need.

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