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Re-Introducing the 3D Printing Technology to the Philippines

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Re-Introducing the 3D Printing Technology to the Philippines
3D Printing Technology

The new age has begun in the Philippines with the introduction of yet another astonishing innovation — the three-dimensional or 3D printing technology — some years ago.

At first, it seemed like a geeky thing — something that caters to those who have an intense interest in science and technology.

Today, 3D printing technology is all over the news and social feed. Even those who don’t have a keen interest with 3D printers can have access to this technology.

3D printing technology defined

But what exactly is 3D printing technology?

In layman’s term, 3D printing technology is simply the process of printing physical objects by connecting a device to a computer. Unlike printing on paper, 3D printing can produce simple to complex objects such as bobbleheads, car parts, houses, prosthetics, and even human organs!

Now that’s revolutionary, isn’t it?

This technology, which was first introduced in European countries, received impressive feedbacks with its seemingly limitless applications. Through the continuous research about it, we should expect to learn more about the possibilities that it can offer in the long run.

We have envisioned the future with something like this in the past. What started as a vague idea became a reality that is presently creating solid objects and has been tried in different industries for years. The future is already here — working, proven and tested — all contained in different kinds of 3D printers.

Industries that benefit from 3D printing technology

The versatility of 3D printing enabled various industries to make use of it. Here’s the list of the industries that are using it right now.

  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Robotics
  • Housing
  • Consumer products
  • Fashion
  • Agriculture
  • Marine and offshore
  • Electronics
  • Defense
  • Automotive
  • And many more!

The 3D printing technology in the Philippines

The 3D printing technology has arrived in the Philippines to establish a new ground for advancements dedicated to improving industry processes in the country. More Filipinos are becoming knowledgeable about 3D printing as most of them are eager to try this amazing creation. 3D printing or additive manufacturing has drawn a huge amount of interest among local businessmen and consumers alike.

Given the fact that the customization demands are high, and the need for efficient alternative with less cost is greatly favored nowadays, 3D printing has provided an opportunity to consumers and industry leaders with another convenient alternative to supply these goods, considering a huge market possibility in the Philippines and other Asian countries.

As a matter of fact, the Philippine’s very own Department of Science and Technology launched two 3D printing research facilities about three months ago.

“We are launching two centers for 3D printing research and development and we, in DOST-PCIEERD, are privileged to be part of this game-changing initiative. The additive manufacturing research industry will open the doors to previously unimaginable possibilities, and every single 3D-printed product will unfold more innovations. Soon, how we create things will be different from what we’re used to,” Enrico Paringit, DOST-Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) executive director said.

Future advancements

In the coming days, months, and years, it is safe to say that 3D printing will get along with the Philippine market and promises a bright future ahead for all businesses and other industries willing to adopt this extraordinary innovation that is 3D printing.

The future we have envisioned is gradually coming into reality with all the technologies growing and improving day by day. We’ve been the beneficiaries of these innovations, leading us to a more convenient life.

3D printing service provider in the Philippines

3D2GO is one of the pioneering company in the Philippines that introduced 3D printing technology. With its high-end 3D printers, modeling software, and skilled artists, the company has been producing top-of-the-line products such as architectural models, bobbleheads/cake toppers, prosthetics, school projects, replacement parts, and many more.

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